3 Tips about Outlook Contact Group You Must Know

If you often send emails to several persons altogether, you must need a contact group, which will assist you to simplify the sending process.

In routine, I frequently need to send one email to a large number of people. I believe that everyone must have the same experience. Sending it individually is the most stupid method. In reality, you can create a contact group. A contact group is usually a list of contacts who has similar interests or aims. If you would like to send emails to these contacts, you could select the related group instead of contacts one by one. Here are the 3 tips about Contact Group you must know in Outlook.

Outlook Contact Group

Create a Personal Contact Group

  1. In “Home” Page, click on “Contacts” option.
  2. Click “New Contact Group” in the frame of “New”
  3. Then you can add new members to this group by clicking “Add Members”.
  4. You could select to add members from Outlook contacts, Address Book and E-mail Contact. For example, after selecting to add members from Outlook contacts, you will see all listed contacts. Select and double click the contacts to add in “Members>”.
  5. Click “OK” and “Save & Close”

Remove Members from a Contact Group

Since we can add members to the group, certainly we can also remove members. Once you create a contact group successfully, you could go back to “Contact” window.

  1. Double Click the contact group to open it.
  2. It will turn to “Contact Group” window, in which you will see “Remove Member” option beside “Add Members”. You would be required to pitch on the specific contacts in the first place.
  3. Then click “Remove Member”. The contacts will be removed immediately.

Sharing a Contact Group

When you want to share the contact group with other people, you can forward the contact group as forwarding emails.

  1. Locate the contact group in “Contact” page.
  2. Right click it. Select “Forward Contact” “As an Outlook Contact”.
  3. Then a popup window of “Message” will arise, in which you can see that the contact group has been attached to the email. What you need to do is just fill in addresses and subject, and finally click “Send”.

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