3 Steps to Create & Change Reminders for Calendar Items in Batches

Many people are accustomed to creating or changing reminders for calendar items one by one. Actually we can create and change them in batches just by the following 3 steps.

Sometimes the time of scheduled meetings may be changed. Accordingly, I need to change the reminder time for the meeting items in Outlook as well. In the past, I am used to changing them one by one. But since I knew how to changing in batches, I really thought that the former method is too stupid. Now I will share this smart method to you.

Step 1: Show the Calendar in List View

First of all, you should show your calendar in List View. To do this, you can switch to “View” tab and click “Change View” button. From its drop-down list, you should click on “List” option.Show the Calendar in List View

Step 2: Create Reminders in Batches

In this step, you need to take the follow operations to distinguish the items with reminders from those without reminders.

  1. To start with, still head to “View” tab, under which click “View Settings” button. In the new popup dialog box, you should click “Group by” button.Group By Button
  2. Then another dialog box of “Group by” will show up. In “Group items by” field, you should choose “Reminder” from its drop-down list.Group Calendar Items by Reminder
  3. Next click two “OK” to back to Outlook Calendar pane. You will see that all calendar items have been divided into two groups, namely “Reminder: Yes” and “Reminder: No”.Two Groups by Reminder
  4. Later in the group of “Reminder: No”, you need to select the calendar items that you would like to create reminders for. To choose multiple ones, you can press “Ctrl” and meanwhile click them.
  5. Finally, drag and drop them into the group of “Reminder: Yes”. Reminders of default 15 minutes beforehand will be added to them automatically.Drag and Drop to another Group

Step 3: Change the Reminder Beforehand Time in Batches

After adding reminders to those desired items, you should turn to this step to change the reminder time in batches.

  1. For a start, you should head to “View” > “View Settings” > “Group by”.
  2. In the dialog of “Group”, you should locate “Select available fields from” at the bottom. And choose “All appointment fields” from its drop down list,
  3. Then in “Group Items by” field, you should opt for “Reminder Beforehand”.Group by Reminder Beforehand
  4. Click a series of “OK” to back to the list of calendar items. You can find that all items are grouped by the different reminder times, which is shown in minutes. For example, 1 hour refers to 60 minutes, and 10 hours refers to 600 minutes.Reminder Beforehand Time
  5. Next if the reminder time which you want to change has existed in the list. You can directly drag & drop them to the desired group.Change Reminder Beforehand Time
  6. But if no desired reminder time, you should first create one manually. Double click an item and change the reminder in its own window. After returning to the list, you can change the reminders of the other items in batches via drag & drop again.Change Reminders Manually
  7. Finally you could back to your previous calendar view as per your likes.

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