3 Quick Ways to Get Paragraph Styles in Your Word Document

In the below article, we will show you 3 ways to quickly get the paragraph styles in your Word document.

Actually, we check our document formatting all the time in case of accidentally employ a Wrong one. And to get what style is applied to a certain paragraph is one of our inevitable tasks. Honestly, it’s really not a rocket science. Most of you know that you should put cursor at a paragraph, and see which style is selected in styles gallery in “Styles” group under “Home” tab.The Styles Gallery

However, here is the trouble when a paragraph style is not in the first row, you have to click the “More” arrow to expand the gallery. Evidently, it’s not a pleasing way when you have many paragraphs to check.Click "More" Arrow

Therefore, you should take time to read the 3 methods here to perform this task quickly and smartly.

Method 1: Display Style Area Pane

  1. First and foremost, click “File” tab.
  2. Then click “Options” to open the “Word Options” dialog box.Click "File" ->Click "Options"
  3. Next choose “Advanced”.
  4. Then scroll down to “Display” page.
  5. And change the style area pane width in the text box. By default, the value is “0”. You can enter any value you like.
  6. Next, click “OK” to save the change.Click "Advanced" ->Scroll down to "Display" Page ->Change Style Area Pane Width ->Click "OK"
  7. Now, click “View” tab in the Ribbon.
  8. Then choose either “Outline” or “Draft” in “Document Views” group. And you shall see the style names displayed before each paragraph in a clear and neat way. Beside, you can also drag the vertical line to adjust the pane width.Click "View" ->Choose "Outline View" or "Draft"Effect of Displaying Style Area Pane

Method 2: Add “Style” Command to “Quick Access Toolbar”

  1. Firstly, repeat the first 2 steps in method 1.
  2. Secondly, choose “Quick Access Toolbar”.
  3. Thirdly, choose “Commands Not in the Ribbon” on the drop-down list of “Choose commands from”.
  4. Next find and click “Style” command in the list box below.
  5. Then click “Add” button.
  6. Lastly click “OK”.Click "Quick Access Toolbar" ->Click "Commands Not in the Ribbon" ->Find and Click "Style" ->Click "Add" ->Click "OK"

Now if you place your cursor at a specific paragraph, you can see its style in the text box of “Style”.Effect of Adding "Style" Command

Method 3: Display Styles Window

  1. This time, you click “Home” tab first.
  2. Then click the expand button in “Styles” group to open the styles window.Click "Home" ->Click the Expand Button
  3. The styles window will be put on the left-side of the screen. But you can drag and place it anywhere you like. Meanwhile, you can change its size too. When you want to view a style of a paragraph or a block of text, just position your cursor properly, and the style name shall be boxed.Styles Window

Comparison of 3 Methods

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Method 1: Display Style Area Pane You don’t have to place cursor at texts manually.


1.        You must adjust the width of style area pane first.

2.        You have to change to “Outline View” or “Draft” view.

Method 2: Add “Style” Command to “Quick Access Toolbar” 1.      You don’t have to change document view.

2.      The style name will show on the “Quick Access Toolbar” directly, maintaining document view in a clear way.

1.      You have to add “Style” command to “Quick Access Toolbar” first.

2.      You have to place cursor at texts manually.

Method 3: Display Styles Window You don’t have to change document view.


1.      You have to place cursor at texts manually.

2.      You may have to adjust the size of style window.

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