3 Quick Tips to Make Access Reports Available to Everyone including Non-users

In this topic, we look at making Access Reports available to all – including those who do not use Access database or have Access runtime installed on their machines

If you are using MS Access as a line of business application, there would be times where you need to share reports with various people including possibly customers, employees and other stakeholders. Now not everyone would have MS Access installed on their systems, so it becomes imperative that you figure out a way to share Access report with non-users. Well it’s quite feasible to achieve the same if you follow the steps listed below.

Make Access Reports Available to Everyone

1. Export Reports in PDF or HTML and Other formats manually

One of the easiest ways of sharing reports involves exporting them into another format. In MS Access navigation pane, choose the report you wish to share and right click on it. Next, choose Export and select from a format like PDF to export the report. Once the report has been generated, you can share it with everyone.

2. Connect with Outlook for Sharing Reports Regularly

In later iterations of MS Access, it is possible to create an Outlook Task and ensure the reports are sent out regularly. To do so follow the steps listed below:

  1. From the Access, interface click on External data option.
  2. Next, click on Saved Export option and then choose to Create Outlook task.
  3. In the next screen check the task setting such as Due Data along with Reminder.
  4. If you wish the report to be sent regularly, choose the Recurrence option and follow the onscreen instructions to save the task.

You would be able to later run this task directly from MS Outlook.

3. Exporting Reports in Text Format

In MS Access you can also export reports in text format or RTF using the Export Wizard. The tool essentially allows you to customize the output. You get the option to output data with formatting while maintaining layout. It also allows you easily choose the output destination and also specify the output file name. Further, you can choose the option to automatically open the destination file once the export operation has been completed.

Keeping Data in MS Access Safe

When it comes to the commercial application of MS Access, a great many number of small and mid-sized businesses fail to give thought to data safety. While Access is easy to use, it is equally prone to crashes which make the underlying data inaccessible. Hence if you are using MS Access for commercial purposes, do make it a point to keep a tool like DataNumen Access Repair that can recover Access database files around. In cases where critical data becomes inaccessible, this tool can save the day as it can assuredly bring back data which normal tools like Access Compact and Repair may fail to achieve.

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