3 Quick Methods to Input Same Contents into Multiple Cells in Your Excel

Sometimes you need to input same contents into multiple cells in the worksheet. Here we will introduce 3 methods to fulfill this task quickly.

Suppose now you need to input the content “DataNumen Excel Repair” into the first cell of each month.An Example for Multiple Cells

Instead of inputting into those cells one by one, now you can also use the 3 methods.

Method 1: Use Copy and Paste Feature

The copy and paste is a very common feature in Excel. And here you can also input the contents into corresponding cells quickly.

  1. Click one of the target cells in the worksheet. Here we select the cell A2.
  2. And then input the content into the cell.
  3. Next press the shortcut keys “Ctrl +C” on the keyboard to copy the cell.
  4. Now press the button “Ctrl” in the keyboard.
  5. Use your mouse to select all the other target cells in the worksheet.
  6. And then press “Ctrl + V” to paste the content. Thus, the contents will appear in all the other cells immediately.

Copy and Paste

Method 2: Use Shortcut Keys Combo

In this method, you need to use another shortcut keys in Excel.

  1. Press the button “Ctrl”.
  2. Next select all the other target cells in the worksheet.Select all Cells
  3. Now directly type the characters into the last cell.
  4. When you finish typing, press the shortcut keys combo “Ctrl + Enter” on the keyboard. Thus, the content will be filled in all the selected cells.

Shortcut Combo

Method 3: Use VBA Codes

Instead of using the above two methods, you can also use the VBA codes to input same contents into multiple cells.

  1. Press the shortcut keys “Alt +F11” on the keyboard.
  2. And then right click in the VBA project area.
  3. In the new menu, move your cursor on the option “Insert”.
  4. Now click the option “Module” in the submenu. Thus, you have inserted a module for the file.Insert Module
  5. And then input the codes into the new module.

Sub SameContents()


    Selection.FormulaR1C1 = “DataNumen Excel Repair”

End Sub

In your actual file, you need to change the name of the worksheet, the cell reference and the contents in the codes. You can see that the codes are actually very simple. First we select the certain cells in the worksheet. And then we assign the content to those cells.Input Code

  1. Now press the button F5 to run the codes. After that, you can come back to the worksheet to see the result. You will get the same result as the result of the other two methods.

VBA Codes

A Comparison of the Three Methods

If you don’t know what method to choose, you can refer to the table below and see the differences of the three methods.


Comparison Use Copy and Paste Feature Use Shortcut Keys Use VBA Codes
Advantages 1.      Copy and paste is the most common feature in Excel and it is very easy to manipulate.

2.      If there are a small number of cells, this method can finish this task quickly.

1.      This method only needs four steps to finish the task.

2.      Like the first method, if the number of cells is small, you can use this method quickly.

1.      You can directly input the cell references into the VBA codes, which is quicker than the other two methods.

2.      You can use this VBA project in other worksheet or workbook by simply changing certain elements in codes.

Disadvantages 1.      If there are many cells, you need spend a lot of time on selecting those cells.

2.      Every time you need to input same contents into multiple cells, you need to repeat the steps again.

1.      Select all the cells can be time-consuming.

2.      This method only takes effect for once. The next time you also need to repeat the steps again in other worksheet or workbook.

1.      Using VBA code will make the task more complicated.

2.      If you are not familiar with VBA, you will easily make mistakes.

According to the above analysis, you will have a better understanding of the three methods. And the next time if you need to input same contents into multiple cells, you can choose the most suitable method.

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