3 Questions You Must Answer before Performing Data Recovery

At times, it is somewhat difficult to decide whether to perform data recovery after data loss. This article will provide 3 questions, which can help you to decide if it is worthy of paying for data recovery.

Without a doubt, if you suffer data loss unfortunately, the first step is to check if there is an up-to-date data backup. Currently, a majority of computer users must have known the importance of data backups. However, someone has a misconception, namely that data backup is just copying data. In fact, Aside from copying data, you should test backups periodically, too. Otherwise, when you suffer data loss but find data backups are also corrupt, it would be a scary nightmare.

Then, if data backup fail, or even no backup available, what you should proceed to think about is whether to perfrom data recovery. Perhaps due to expensive cost, someone may hesitate in this issue. Now we will provide 3 questions to take into account, which will assist you to make a decision.

Data Recovery

1. What Was Lost?

First of all, you should figure out what kind of data was lost. It is apparent that different data have varying values. If the values of lost data are much higher than money for data recovery, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer. For example, if you lose the PST files which contain a great deal of important transaction information, undoubtedly you should make efforts to recover PST data. But if your lost data is some useless personal journals, of course you can select to leave them aside. Plus, making clear the type of the lost data will also impact what your next step would be.

2. How Much Data Was Lost?

There is no doubt that different volumes of data lost will require different amount of time and resources. That is to say, the more data was lost, the more time and resources would be demanded in data recovery. Hence, you should understand the answer to this question and then estimate the total time and cost if you attempt a data recovery. The final evaluation will be able to give you a right direction.

3. How Much Data Can Be Recovered Successfully?

The last but not the least question you should concern about is the chance of data recovery. In other words, you should evaluate the odds of sucessful data recovery. With respect to this facet, you must consult data recovery professionals. They can delve into your cases and provide you some suggestions about the necessity of data recovery. You must be able to make a right decision after answering the above questions and getting some professional proposals.

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