3 Methods to Save Charts as Pictures in Your Excel

When you want to use the charts in other places, you need to save them as pictures. Here we provide 3 methods to save charts as pictures.

Charts in Excel can reflect certain information. Thus, charts have a wide range of use. To use charts in other places, the most direct way is saving them as pictures. There are several different methods to realize this task.

Method 1: Take Screenshot

Screenshot is the most common method that we can think of. You can use the screenshot tool in the computer or use a third party tool. Below we show the steps of using the tool in the computer.

  1. Press the button “Print Screes” on the keyboard.
  2. And then start the “Paint” in your computer.
  3. In the Paint, press the shortcut key “Ctrl + V”. Thus, the picture that you cut down will be pasted into the Paint.Picture in Paint
  4. Next you need to cut the chart only. Click the button “Select”.
  5. And then select the chart.Select and Crop
  6. After that, click the button “Crop” to crop the chart. Thus, only the chart in the picture can remain. The Paint has several tools that can edit the image. If you need to make some modifications, you can use those tools directly.
  7. Now save the picture in your computer. Here you can also choose to save as a certain image type in the “Save As” window.Save Screenshot

Except for the Paint tool, you can also install some other screenshot software in your computer. In addition, most of them also have the ability to edit image and save pictures as different file types.

Method 2: Use Word to Save Pictures

In this method, you need to use the Office software: Word.

  1. Click the chart in Excel.
  2. Next press the shortcut key “Ctrl + C”.
  3. And then open a new Word file.
  4. Now you need to paste this picture into Word. Click the small arrow under the button “Paste”.
  5. In the drop-down menu, choose the option “Picture”.Choose Picture

Thus, the chart will appear in Word in the form of an image.

Besides, if you want to choose a certain type, you can click the option “Paste Special” in this step.

  1. And then in the “Paste Special” window, choose the type.Choose Image Type
  2. In the end, click “OK”. Thus, the picture will also be pasted into Word”.Picture in Word

In Word, if you need to edit the image, you can also use the picture tools in word.Picture Tools

  1. Now you need to save the image. Right click the image.
  2. In the menu, choose the option “Save as Picture”.Save as Picture
  3. In the “File Save” window, choose the path you need and input the picture name. Here you can also choose 5 types of the picture in the “Save as type” part.Save from Word

Thus, the chart can also be saved as an image in your computer.

Method 3: Save Workbook as Web Page

This method need to change the Excel type.

  1. Click “File” in the ribbon.
  2. Next click the option “Save As”.Save As
  3. In the “Save As” window, choose the “Web Page” in the “Save as type” area. And input the path and name information into the window.Web Page
  4. Next click “Save”.
  5. After that, you will see information like the image below show. This is a problem about the compatibility. Here click “Yes”.Yes

Thus, the file is now saved as web page in your computer.

  1. Now open the path that you have saved the web page. In this folder, you can see another new folder with suffix “_files”. Computer will automatically create it when you save Excel as web page.New Folder
  2. Now open this new folder. In this folder, you can see many pictures. All the charts and shapes are saved as images in this folder automatically. Thus, you can choose your target chart from those pictures.Image in New Folder

You may also notice that all the images are the “PNG” format. Therefore, if you want to save as other files, you need to use a third party image processing tool to change the type.

A Comparison of the 3 Methods

Here we list the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 methods.

Comparison Take Screenshot Use Word to Save Pictures Save Workbook as Web Page
Advantages 1.      This is the easiest method to use.

2.      The edit tools in Paint or other software are very powerful to edit images.

3.      You can save pictures as several different image types.

1.      You can save the picture as some different types.

2.      The whole chart can be saved perfectly. You don’t need to worry about the crop issue that will appear in the first method.

3.      If you originally need to input the chart in Word, this method is the best choice.

1.      When you need to save many charts, this method can finish this task quickly.

2.      You can save intact pictures in your computer.

3.       Whenever you need to use those pictures, you can find them directly in the new folder.

Disadvantages 1.      You need to crop those images one by one. If there are many charts, it will be time-consuming.

2.      Sometimes you cannot crop a perfect picture at one time. It will be irritating to crop one picture for several times.

1.      Still you need to save those charts one by one.

2.      Although you can edit imaged by the tool in word, the function is not such powerful as other image processing tools.

1.      The pictures are all in the form of “PNG”. Thus, you need to use other tools to change the format.

2.      You cannot edit images without using other image processing tools.

With all the advantages and disadvantages, you have already understood the difference between those methods. Therefore, you will know which method to use the next time.

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