3 Methods to Get Rid of Repetitive Outlook Tasks in To-Do Bar

If you encounter the problem that repetitive Outlook tasks show up in To-Do Bar, you can take the following methods introduced in this article to do away with it.

On one occasion, I found that repetitive Outlook tasks exist in Outlook To-Do Bar. When I attempt to delete one, the either one will be deleted as well. I am confused about this trouble. Finally, after searching many suggestions on Internet, I conclude the following methods to solve this problem.

Method 1: Reset Outlook To-Do Bar

First of all, we should consider whether the Outlook to–Do Bar is corrupted or not. Therefore, you are better off resetting it, which is considerably easy.

  1. For start with, exit Outlook properly
  2. Then head to Start Menu and type “exe /resettodobar” in the search field.Reset Outlook To-Do Bar
  3. Immediately a corresponding program will show up. Click on it and Outlook will start with the “reset to-do bar” command. You can absolutely see that all of your custom settings in To-Do Bar before will be cleared totally. Thus you need to check whether the repetitive tasks are vanished or not.

Method 2: Change the View Settings in Outlook Tasks

In addition, sometimes the view settings can also lead to this kind of problem. For example, you’ve marked one task in three different color categories. And when you group the tasks by category, the task will be shown in three category groups individually. Of course there are many other similar instances. Thus in order to exclude this situation, you should change the view settings to check the issue persists.Group Tasks by Category

Method 3: Add View Advanced Filter to To-Do List if You Are Using Gmail

Furthermore, if you are using Gmail account in Outlook, the cause may be a bit more complicated. Owing to the fact that apart from Inbox folder, Gmail also comes loaded with “All Mail” and “Starred” folders. Obviously, the received emails will land into both “All Mail” folder and “Inbox” folder. When you flag an email, which will also show up in To-Do bar, the email will appear in “Starred” folder. Then the To-Do list will show three duplicates of the email. Therefore, if you are using Gmail, you need to add some view filters to To-Do List.

  1. Under To-Do List View of Outlook Tasks, click “View Settings” button and hit “Filter” in the new dialog box.
  2. Then switch to “Advanced” tab, under which fill in the following filters.Add View Advanced Filter to To-Do List if You Are Using Gmail
  • Field: In Folder; Condition: doesn’t contain; Value: All Mail
  • Field: In Folder; Condition: doesn’t contain; Value: Starred
  1. Finally click a series of “OK” to back to To-Do Bar.

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