3 Methods to Associate Contact Info with Your Outlook Appointment Reminder

This article will provide you with three methods to associate contact info with Outlook appointment with a reminder, which can remind you in time, such that you will never miss any crucial matters.

Virtually we can connect the contact with not only the emails, but also the meetings, appointments and so on. For instance, if you have an important appointment involved with one certain contact, why don’t you associate the contact info with the appointment and add a reminder to it? Here are 3 quick methods to achieve it.

Method 1: Mark the Contact for Follow Up and Add a Reminder to it

Marking the contact for follow up is the most convenient one. The marked contact will also show up in Outlook Tasks.

  1. To start with, you should head to Contacts pane, in which you should locate and right click the target contact.
  2. Then from the context menu, you should choose “Follow Up” and then select the relevant date.Mark the Contact for Follow Up
  3. Next select “Add Reminder” option. In the new popup dialog box, you can specify the reminder time and other settings.Add a Reminder to the Contact
  4. Finally click “Ok” to save the reminder. And go to “Outlook tasks”, you can see the marked contact is over there with a reminder.

Method 2: Insert a Shortcut to the Contact in a New Appointment

  1. At the very outset, create a new appointment by clicking “New Items” > “Appointment”.Create a New Appointment
  2. Then in the new window of appointment, switch to “Insert” tab, under which you should click “Outlook Items” button.Insert Outlook Items
  3. A new dialog box will open, in which you should select “Contact” in “Look in” field. Then in the bottom box, locate and choose the target person. Set “Insert as” to “Shortcut”. And finally click “OK”.Insert Contact Shortcut
  4. You will be back to the new appointment window, in which the contact is attached. You can enter the subject, location and time, etc. Moreover, add a reminder. Eventually click “Save & Close” button to activate the appointment.Save the new appoinment

Once complete the above steps, you can find the new appointment in Calendar. After accessing it, you can double click the contact shortcut to open its info window.

Method 3: Link the Contact to an Appointment

  1. At the beginning, you should enable the “Contact Link” feature in Outlook. Go to “Outlook Options” > “Contact”, and select “Show contacts linked to the current item”.Contact Link
  2. Then create an appointment and fill in the concrete information as usual. Remember to add a reminder.
  3. Next scroll to the bottom, where you can see “Contacts” button. Click on it and select the target person in the new dialog box.Contacts in the appoinment
  4. Finally click “Save & Close” button.

Now you can get reminded at the set time. You can also locate and open the appointment in Calendar. Double click on the attached contact, the concrete information will be shown.

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