3 Means to Quickly Merge Outlook Contacts in Multiple Groups

Some people would like to combine the contacts belong to different contact groups into another new one. In this article, we will offer 3 convenient methods to achieve it.

I have created a host of contact groups in Outlook. But recently I found that I was frequently required to send emails to multiple groups at the same time. Instead of selecting them individually when sending emails, why not merge them into one group?

Create a New Contact Group That Includes the Multiple Groups

  1. At the very outset, go to Outlook Contacts pane and click “New Contact Group” in ribbon.
  2. Then in the subsequent screen, click on “Add Members” and select “Add Outlook contacts” from the drop down list.Add Members
  3. Next in the new dialog box, you should double click the target contact groups to add them to the “Members->” field below.Select Contact Groups
  4. Finally click several “OK” to save the contact group.

This method is the quickest approach to combine all the contacts in one group. The next when you tend to send emails to them, you can just click “To” button and choose the new created group directly.

Copy the Contacts in Batches to the New Contact Group

  1. For a start, create a new email by clicking “New Email” button.
  2. Then in the new message window, click “To” button
  3. In the popup dialog box, you should select the target contact groups and double click it. Click “OK” to back the message window.
  4. You can see a “+” icon in front of the contact group name. Click the icon to expand the contact group.+ icon
  5. An Outlook alert will arise. Select “Yes” to confirm the expanding operation.Expand the List
  6. Next repeat to click “+” icon to expand all the contact groups. You will see all the contacts listed in “To” field.
  7. Utilize “Ctrl + A” to select all of the contacts and “Ctrl + C” to copy them. Alternatively, you could right click them and select “Copy”.Copy the Contacts
  8. Later head to Contacts pane and create a new contact group as usual. And click “Add Members” > “Outlook Contacts”.
  9. Then locate the “Members->” field, press “Ctrl + S” to paste all of the copied contacts.
  10. Finally click a series of “OK” to save the new contact group.

Save the Contact Groups as Text File to Local and Re-add Them

  1. To begin with, in Contact pane, press “Ctrl” and click on the target contact groups.
  2. Then go to “File” menu and select “Save As”.
  3. In the subsequent window, specify a name to the file and set “Save as type” to “Text only”. And click “Save” button.Save the Contact Groups to Local
  4. Next you can open the saved file by notepad, in which you can see all the contacts. Copy them no matter by right clicking or “Ctrl + C”.Open and Copy the Contacts in Notepad
  5. Later repeat the step 8 and 9 in the last method to create the new contact.

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