3 Main Reasons & Solutions when Hard Drive Fails to Spin Up

When power is supplied to your hard drive, if it doesn’t spin up as normal, you will definitely get panic. This article will guide to figure out this issue and take effective actions to solve it.

Many users have ever suffered such a problem – hard drive doesn’t spin up. This issue refers to that the hard drive may be corrupted and the drive data may have been lost, like corrupt Outlook data. To fix this issue and recover drive data, you have to figure out the real causes first of all. Here are the 3 most common ones.3 Main Reasons & Solutions when Hard Drive Fails to Spin Up

1. Printed Circuit Board Damage

The first potential culprit may the failed Printed Circuit Board (PCB). In normal situation, when the hard drive is powered on, power flows through the board and the spindle motor, making the drive platter to move. Therefore, if the PCB fails, its spindle motor will not receive power. Of course, at this point, the hard drive will not spin up. If you can confirm that the drive not spinning issue is involved with PCB, you need do something with it, such as replacing it with a new one. Yet, here you should note that not all PCB is suitable to the same drive. Different PCBs have different firmware information. Thus, you’d better use an identical PCB to replace the old one.

2. Read/Write Heads Crash

The second one is the read/write heads inside the hard drive. If you accidentally drop or bump your hard drive and it stops spinning. Under this circumstance, it’s surely a head crash. It refers to that the heads collide with and even get stuck to the drive platters that contain the drive data. At this time, such damage is highly beyond what common computer users can do. Hence, you’re better off contacting the related drive recovery professionals for help. Generally speaking, the experts will disassemble the drive to replace the heads. All in all, don’t power up the hard drive. Or else you will destroy the drive and make data recovery impossible thoroughly.

3. Spindle Motor malfunctions

The third criminal is spindle motor. In proper functioning, the hard drive platters can spin by sitting on spindle which is spun by a motor. And the bearings on the motor are considerably sensitive to shocks or drops. Hence, if your hard drive is dropped, most of time, the bearings will be seized, thereby leading to bad motor. At this point, the hard drive platters have no way to spin. To solve this problem, it is necessary to change the platter. This is quite complicated in that it will involve removing multiple components and demands cleanroom. Thereby, you shouldn’t perform it on your own, either. You should take recourse to the professionals.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including recover Sql Server and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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  1. Leuk geschreven,

    Mijn Seagate probeert wel te spinnen, maar geeft snel een thud, thud geluid alsof de motor het steeds weer probeert. Heb al eens een pcb vervangen en wil dat nu ook proberen. De disk is niet gevallen hij is alleen bijna volgeschreven.

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