3 Main Factors Influencing Your Data Recovery from the Cloud

How do you back up your data? Do you back up to an external drive or the cloud? In reality, more and more users prefer cloud backup service. They think that both data backup and recovery must be very convenient and fast. Yet, actually, it depends on many factors, such as the 3 ones shared in this article.

3 Main Factors Influencing Your Data Recovery from the Cloud

Nowadays, cloud service has become one of the important giants in data storage and backup industry. It permits users to maintain, manage, share and back up the data remotely. To be specific, you can store your files online, such that you can get access to them anytime and anywhere via the Internet. Also, most cloud services are free of charge within limited storage capacity. For individuals, the free storage space is exactly enough. In addition, cloud services expand from PCs to smartphones, which is pretty easy and convenient.

Thus, due to its advantages, many users opt to back up their data to the cloud. If encountering data corruption like Outlook corruption, they think that data can be easily and rapidly restored from the cloud. But, as a matter of fact, in this process, many factors will make impacts on the recovery performance. Here we’ll list out 3 of them. Watch out for them to improve the chances for data recovery.

1. Your Local Machine

One of the most crucial factors is the machine where you get access to your cloud and recover data. More specifically, if your computer runs on outdated and unstable operating system or the cloud software malfunctions, or your computer is attacked by viruses or malware, it’s likely that data recovery from the cloud will go wrong, too. For instance, data recovery may take a pretty long time or get stuck and so on.

2. Your Network Connection

No matter uploading data to or downloading data from the cloud demands Internet. Hence, without any doubts, network connection plays a significant role in cloud. Without internet, you can’t log in your own cloud service, not to mention recovering data from the cloud. Of course, if the network you are working with is too slow, data recovery will become very sluggish as well. Thus, it is essential for you to ensure proper, smooth and fast network in data recovery.

3. Cloud Service Provider

Last but not least, cloud service providers also make a difference in data recovery from the cloud. Many cloud users bypass a fact that cloud data is virtually stored in a physical server, too. The difference is that the server is owned, controlled and managed by cloud service provider. Thereby, it’s inevitable that the server can be subject to issues too. At that time, you may suffer slow or arduous data recovery for unknown reasons.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including fix sql and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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