3 Main Causes & Prevention Tips for Frequent Data Losses in Summer

In summer, there are many data loss cases taking place frequently. It usually occurs due to the extreme summer weather. This article will look at this issue and expose 3 main causes and according prevention tips for data losses in summer.

According to relevant surveys, during summer months, there will be a significant increase in data loss cases. As we all know, in summer, temperature will rise and extreme weather, natural disasters will happen much more frequently, leading to overheating, power surges, and high humidity, etc. Thus, for data storage devices, summer is indeed a stressful time.

3 Main Causes & Prevention Tips for Frequent Data Losses in Summer

Hence, in this period, computer users should pay special attention to protecting their data. Otherwise, once data gets lost, difficult data recovery will follow, such as PST recovery. If you’ve realized the importance of data protection in summer and look forward some effective tips to prevent data losses during this time, you can read on. In the followings, we will unveil the 3 top causes and corresponding prevention tips.

Summer Heat

When it comes to summer, extreme heat may come to your mind in the first place. Likewise, for data storage devices, summer heat is also a serious problem. Many hard drive failures occurring in summer can result from overheating. The same is true for physical servers in businesses. To prevent the data losses due to summer heat, you should keep no matter computers or servers in a cool and dry area and make sure they have enough air conditioning.

Electrical Storms

In addition, frequent electrical storms can be one of the most common problems in summer. Various weather fluctuations, such as serious lightning companied by thunder, can lead to blackouts and power surges. At that point, the unprotected devices and component can be damaged. Therefore, you had better install a surge protector, invest in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and inspect the power protection devices regularly. These measures can effectively keep you away from data losses due to electrical storms in summer.

High Humidity

Last but not least, high humidity in summer will damage the data storage device, too. As we all know, summer is a rainy season. It may keep raining for weeks and even months. Under this circumstance, too much moisture will be generated. So, devices, like hard drive will suffer high humidity. It can result in electronics short circuit and corrosion, thereby drive corruption and data loss. Therefore, you have to verify humidity of the devices regularly and store them in a dry environment.

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