3 Effective Ways to Put Texts on a Picture in Your Word Document

In today’s article, there will be 3 effective ways available for you to put texts on a picture in your Word document.

Have you met such a situation when you need to add words on a picture and you happen to have no picture tool at hand? Been there, right? Here is the good news. Actually you can easily achieve this task in Word. So just take a look at our methods and you can say goodbye to complicated picture tools.

Method 1: Simply Change the Text Wrapping Style

  1. Firstly, click “Insert” tab.
  2. Then click “Picture” in “Illustrations” group.
  3. Next choose a picture in “Insert Picture” window.
  4. And click “Insert” button.Click "Insert" ->Click "Picture" ->Choose a Picture ->Click "Insert"
  5. Next right click on the picture.
  6. And choose “Size and Position” on the list-menu.Right Click on the Picture ->Choose "Size and Position"
  7. Now in “Layout” dialog box, click “Text Wrapping” first.
  8. Then choose “Behind text” as “Wrapping style”.
  9. Next click “OK”.Click "Text Wrapping" ->Choose "Behind text" ->Click "OK"
  10. Now, drag the picture to make it in front of cursor that is to cover the cursor with the picture. Only then can you make use of the “Enable click and type” option. By default, this option is turned on.
  11. Then double click anywhere on the picture and you will be able to add text.

Method 2: Fill a Text Box with a Picture

  1. First thing, click “Insert” tab.
  2. Then click “Text Box”.
  3. And choose a text box style.Click "Insert" ->Click "Text Box" ->Choose One Style
  4. Then right click on the text box line.
  5. And choose “Format Shape” option.Right Click on Text Box Line -> Choose "Format Shape"
  6. In the “Format Picture” dialog box open, click “Fill” first.
  7. Then check “Picture or texture fill”.
  8. Next click “File” button.Click "Fill" ->Click "Picture or texture fill" ->Click "File"
  9. And choose a picture to insert into the text box from the “Insert Picture” window.
  10. Finally click “Close” in “Format Picture” dialog box.

Now you can enter text in the text box.Effect of Filling Text Box with Picture

Method 3: Group a Text Box and a Picture

  1. Still insert a picture into the document first.
  2. Then right click on the picture.
  3. Choose “Size and Position” option too.
  4. In the “Layout” dialog box, click “Text Wrapping”.
  5. Then choose any wrapping style but the “In line with text”. Here we click “Square”.
  6. Click “OK” to save the change.Click "Text Wrapping" ->Click "Square" ->Click "OK"
  7. Next insert a text box into the document.
  8. Then drag the text box and put it on the picture.Drag Text Box on the Picture
  9. Now press “Ctrl” and hold on.
  10. Click both text box and the picture to select them.
  11. Then right click on one of the lines of text box or picture frame.
  12. Choose “Group”.
  13. Then choose “Group” again on the extend list-menu.Press "Ctrl" and Hold on ->Select Both Text Box and Picture ->Right Click ->Choose "Group" ->Choose "Group" Again
  14. Now you can enter text in text box.
  15. When finish this, you right click on the text box line.
  16. And choose “Format Object”.Enter Text in Text Box ->Right Click Text Box Line ->Choose "Format Object"
  17. Now in “Format Shape” dialog box, first click “Fill”.
  18. Then check “No fill”.Click "Fill" ->Click "No fill"
  19. Next click “Line Color”.
  20. Then check “No line”.
  21. Finally click “Close” to save your settings.Click "Line Color" ->Click "No line" ->Click "Close"

You can get the same result as in method 2.

Comparison of 3 Methods

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Simply Change the Text Wrapping Style 1.        It’s the simplest one among the 3 methods.

2.        You can enter text anywhere on the picture.

1.        You cannot move the text with picture.

2.        You have to make sure the “Enable click and type” option is on.

3.        You have to drag the picture to put it over the cursor or you can only select the picture but cannot enter text.

Fill a Text Box with a Picture 1.        You can move the text along with the picture.

2.        You don’t have to remove text box line or background fill.

1.        It requires more operations than method 1.

2.        When you enter text, it starts from the left-corner of the text box, so you have to adjust the text position manually.

Group a Text Box and a Picture 1.        You can move the text along with the picture because they are grouped.

2.        You can move text within the picture by adjusting the text box position.

3.        You can set text format, such as making it in vertical way.

1.        It requires more operations than method 1.

2.        You have to format text box, such as removing the lines and fill.


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