3 Easy Steps to Remind Recipients in Outlook

In this article we will explore how we can create reminders for our recipients, in case that they forget replying us.

Everyone must have met the situation that someone forgets replying us. In this situation, we would be always waiting their reply for a long time. I suppose that everyone doesn’t like this kind of limitless waiting. Perhaps we could call that person directly by telephone. However, at times it is not convenient for us to contact with someone by telephone.

Remind Recipients

For example, we have sent an email about secret cooperative information to the cooperative partners. Under this circumstance, we’d better to send emails instead of telephone. While maybe they are encountering lots of businesses so that they forget or delay reply. In this case, we may experience a long-time waiting. Actually, if we make full use of “Follow Up” option, we will remind recipients and reduce the probability of long-time waiting as much as possible.

Here are the 3 easy steps to remind recipients in Outlook:

  1. Click “New E-mail” to create an email as usual. In the window of “Message”, fill in concrete information and upload related materials, such as email address, subject and attachments, etc.
  2. You can see the “Follow Up” option in the frame of “tags”. Click it and pitch on “Add Reminder”. Then a popup window of “custom” will arise.
  3. In the window, there are two choices – “Flag for Me” and “Flag for Recipients”. You could tick one of them or both of them. In this article, we mainly talk about “Flag for Recipients”. Thus we need to tick the “Flag for Recipients” item. Then we could select the specific follow-up actions, such as call, forward, reply, review and so on. Next we should remember to tick the “Reminder” and rule the definite time. For instance, if we hope that the recipients reply us, we could select “reply” option and set the time you prefer. After all these actions, click “OK” to save the custom follow-up. And finally send it.

Once you send it out, you have created a reminder for the recipients successfully. They will be reminded of replying you once and once again if they forget or want to delay reply.

From the capability of reminding recipients, we can conclude that MS Outlook has many close-to-users functions. Outlook allows us to manage our contacts, schedules and to take notes, make journals, etc. Nevertheless, Outlook files which are stored in PST format are easily corrupted due to malicious attacks, sudden power surges, software upgrades and some other problems in hardware. Using powerful third party tools such as DataNumen Outlook Repair could scan and repair PST files, thereby minimizing the corruption and loss of data.

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