3 Common Causes of Data Loss

Data loss is a serious and common problem faced by computer users. In order to better know how to avoid data loss, we need to be familiar with the three common causes of data loss. It is important to be prepared to act quickly to recover lost data.

Data loss is a serious problem that many people face in both their personal lives and their professional lives. Losing files represent a loss of both time and money for businesses and can cause emotional distress as well.

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Data loss happens when data on a hard drive or portable storage device is either corrupted or accidentally deleted. When this happens valuable files and documents can be lost forever.  

1. Hard Drive Failure

If your hard drive breaks down or gets corrupted you will lose your data.

Hard drive failure is unfortunately more common than you would think. Most hard drives will begin to deteriorate in five years, the longer you continue to use it the greater the risk that you will suffer from hard drive failure.

Improper shutdown procedures or unexpected power surges can also affect the hard drive of your computer and reduce its lifespan.

2. Software failure

Improper or unexpected computer shutdowns can damage more than your hard drive, they may also harm the software that you have installed on your computer or device.

If your software doesn’t shut down properly, it could corrupt you data or even delete some or all of your data. If the software itself is corrupted, the program will not run and you won’t be able to access the data that you created and saved using that software.

3. Human error

If your hardware or software is not infallible, neither are you. Data loss can be caused by you or anyone else who uses your device.  

Data loss due to human error commonly results from carelessness. Either you forgot to save your data, accidently clicked delete on a file, or formatted the drive without meaning to. You could also leave your computer vulnerable to viruses or malware by not scanning for viruses or clicking on unsecure links sent to you by e-mail or messenger.

Human error is also the most common reason for physical damage to a hard drive that results in data loss. As we said earlier, hard drive failure is another common reason for data loss and hard drive failure often occurs when the hard drive is damaged. Around 40 percent of hard drive damage is caused by mishandling by a human user.

The best way to avoid human error damage loss is to, of course, practice good computer use. Don’t engage in any behaviors that might inadvertently damage your computer. Train yourself on the proper operating procedure of any programs or software that you install and use.

Another good precaution to take is to have a access to a few good data recovery software programs. While there are data recovery specialist shops out there, in the long run it might be a good idea to invest on and install data recovery programs on your computer.

A good free data recovery to try is DataNumen Data Recovery, it scan your drives and find and recover deleted files before it is irrevocable lost.

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