3 Common Cases when Partition Table Can Be Easily Damaged

Partition table is vitally significant in that it describes the information of partitions and file systems in a hard drive. If it gets damaged, the entire drive data will be in danger of permanent loss. Now, this article will expose 3 top cases when partition table can be corrupted easily.

Partition table is the table in hard disk, responsible for recording the partition information. Once it goes wrong, all the information will be messed up. In this case, the machine, such as computers, will be unable to boot up as normal. Of course, the data stored in the drive may be corrupt or lost as well, such as PST corruption. In order to safeguard partition table effectively, you must learn when it is vulnerable and sensitive. Thus, thereinafter, we will reveal 3 such cases.

3 Common Cases when Partition Table Can Be Easily Damaged

1. When Modifying a Partition

At times, you may modify the partitions on your computer. For instance, you may want to repartition the internal drive, like dividing the drive into more partitions. Or you may need to resize a partition, that is to say, changing the storage space of the partition. Or you wish to alter a partition’s name or reformat a partition. All of these modifications will change the partition table. Thus, in these processes, partition table is in the risk of going bad.

2. When Installing Operating System

Besides, as we all know, nowadays, users can change computer operating system as per their needs. To be specific, even if your computer comes with Windows by default, you are allowed to modify it to Linux or others. So, now, if you would like to do that, you will be required to select a target partition for system installation, which will change the partition ID and update the partition table. Undoubtedly, it is quite risky and dangerous. Once it fails, the partition table will go wrong and it may be the high time for you to suffer hard drive failures.

3. When Restoring Disk’s Clone Copy

In addition, partition table can be susceptible to errors or corruption when you try to restore a disk clone to it. In the contemporary era, data has become pretty important. Thus, we need to back up our computer and all kinds of devices on a regular basis. One of the backup methods is to clone the device, such as cloning the disk. When you clone an entire drive, it may be safer in restoring. However, if you merely clone individual partitions, when restoring, it’ll write the clone copy to the target partition. In this case, most of time, the target partition table is not same as the copy’s partition table. Hence, it is considerably risky.

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