2 Workarounds to Print an Outlook Contact with the Photo

When you print an Outlook contact in a normal manner, you’ll find that the contact photo won’t be included in the printing. So if you want to print contacts along with the photos, you have to seek other means. Here are 2 workarounds to realize it.

In general, to print an Outlook contact, you will tend to firstly pitch on it and then click “File” > “Print”. However, you will discover that all the 5 default print styles cannot support to print the contact photos, shown as the screenshot below:

Print an Outlook Contact Normally

In this case, many users feel that the printed contacts without the photos are too dull. Actually Outlook has no native support for us to set up a new print style to include the contact photos. Therefore, to achieve it, we have to make some extra efforts. The followings are 2 simple workarounds.

1. Print the Email with the Business Card in Body

  1. At the very outset, launch Outlook and click on “New Email” button in “New” group under “Home” tab.
  2. Then in the popup message window, you should switch to “Insert” tab and hit “Business Card”. From the drop down list, select “Other Business Card”.Insert Other Business Card
  3. Next a new “Insert Business Card” dialog box will turn up. You should choose the correct contact folder from the “Look in” drop down list, and then pitch on the source contact item and hit “OK” button.Select Business Card
  4. After that, the business card will be added into the message body. Lastly you can click “File” menu > “Print” tab > “Print” button to print out the email.

2. Print the Email with the Contact Screenshot in Body

  1. To begin with, locate and double click on the source contact in Contacts.
  2. Then in the contact window, click on “Email” button in the “Communication” group under “Contact” group.Click Email Button in Contact
  3. Next a new message will pop up. Now you should shift to “Insert” tab and hit “Screenshot” button in “Illustrations” group. Then you can find the previous contact page from the drop down “Available Windows” list.Insert Screenshot
  4. After selecting the contact window, you can crop the screenshot via the “Crop” tool.Crop the Screenshot at Will
  5. Finally, you can go to “File” > “Print” to print the email with the screenshot in message body like the method 1.Print the Screenshot in Message Body

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