2 Ways to Reduce Your Word File Size by Compressing Pictures

Too many pictures in a Word document results in overlarge file size and slows computer performance. However, you can solve it by adopting the following 2 methods to compress pictures in Word.

Word is a powerful tool which has various usages. Generally, we use it as a word processor to edit text files, which won’t occupy too much disk space. Inevitably, however, we need to insert some pictures into our Word documents. Of course, it won’t make much difference if we just add a few pictures to our word files. However, when a word document contains a large number of pictures, it will definitely take up too much computer space, as also influence the performance of your computer. Quite naturally, we may come to think about some ways to compress pictures in Word document. For smaller Word file size and faster responding speed, you may refer to these 2 methods shown as below.

Compress All Your Pictures via “Save As”

  1. Click “File” tab and select ”Save As”. Select ”Save As”
  1. In the subsequent pop up window, click “Tools” and then, select ”Compress Picture”.Select ”Compress Picture”
  1. After that, you will see another dialogue box, where you can also change the default settings. Then, click ”OK”.Click ”OK”

After completing the above steps, all of the pictures in your Word document will be compressed. Then, check the size of the compressed Word file in the Windows Explorer, you will find that it dramatically reduced as compared with the previous version. Moreover, the benefit is more pronounced if there are more pictures in a Word document.

Compress Selected Pictures

What if you simply want to compress one or several pictures in your Word document, instead of apply it to all the pictures? In this section, we will look at another way of picture compression, which aims to compress specific pictures in your Word document.

  1. Click to select one or more pictures in your Word document, which you want to compress to smaller sizes.
  2. Switch to “Format” page, where you can find and click “Compress Picture” button, as the arrow points to. Click “Compress Picture” button
  1. In the following dialogue box, make sure you tick the “Apply only to this picture” checkbox. And then click “OK”.Tick the “Apply only to this picture” checkbox

Solve File Corruptions Due to Compression Errors

Due to the strong performance of our computers, we may compress our pictures in Word in a jiffy. Yet, for documents that contain thousands of pictures or more, the process may last minutes or hours. Then, if some unexpected accident occur, such as a power failure or computer malfunction, our document might be damaged during compression process. In such a scenario, you can always take the aid of powerful external repair tools such as DataNumen Word Repair, which will save you a lot of heartburn if you encounter some unexpected accidents.

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