2 Useful Tips to Use Formula More Efficiently in Your Excel

You will certainly use formulas in Excel worksheets to help your work. And today we will introduce two useful formula tips for you to use formula more efficiently in your excel.

When you need to use Excel formulas frequently, you’d better know some tips. Mastering those tips can help you improve your work efficiency. In the following two parts, we will introduce two useful formula tips.

Tip 1: Use F4 Button

In a formula, you all know that you need to choose the absolute reference or the relative reference. The symbol of the reference is “$”. When you need to use absolute reference, you will frequently press the button “Shift” and the button “$” on the keyboard. But you can use the “F4” on the keyboard to simplify the process.

The image below shows such an example. In this formula, you need to use relative reference for cell “B2” and use absolute reference for cell “B15”.Example for Formula Tips

Instead of typing the “$” into this formula manually, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Place your cursor on the cell that you need to change into absolute reference. Here we will put it at the “B15” in this example.
  2. And then press the button “F4” on the keyboard. Thus, you will see that the relative reference will change into absolute reference.Absolute Reference

You can see that using this button can save you a lot of time.

Tips 2: See Part of Formula Results

In this part, we will demonstrate another formula tip. Still we will use the same example. You may want to know the comparison result of a certain cell. But this is a part of the formula. Therefore, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Click the target cell that you need to check. For example, here we will select the cell C5.Select Part
  2. And then select the part that you need to know the result. In this formula, this part is “B5>$B$15”.
  3. After that, press the button “F9” on the keyboard. You will see the comparing result “FALSE” in this formula.Result
  4. In this step, press the button “Esc” to exit the edit mode.

On the other hand, if you press the button “Enter”, the result “FALSE” will remain in the formula. You can choose either the “Esc” or the “Enter” according to your need.

The above two formula tips are very effective. If you can use them skillfully, you are sure to finish your tasks quicker and easier.

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