2 Useful Tips on Printing and Print Preview in Excel

In your work, you will sometimes need to print the data and information in Excel sheets. Therefore, today we will introduce 2 quick tips about the printing and print preview in Excel.

The format of Excel worksheet allows you to input data and information into it. Besides, even if there are a lot of values in cells, the interface of worksheet can still keep clear and in order. Thus, you can easily print worksheets without any worry about the format. But before you printing, you need to set the format so that you can make sure that the printed pieces of paper are also in order. Follow us and see how these 2 tips work.

Tip 1: Hide Page Breaks

When you need to print a certain page, you will need to preview the result at first. However, when you come back to the worksheet, you will find that there will be dotted lines on the interface.Page Breaks

And this is the page breaks in Excel, which can help you know from where the page will break. But sometimes you will feel a little inconvenient with the existence of those dotted lines. Thus you can follow the steps below to close the page breaks.

  1. Click “File” in the ribbon.
  2. Then click the “Options”.File Options
  3. In the new window, click “Advanced”.
  4. Drag the scroll bar on the left until you see the “Display options for this worksheet”.
  5. Then uncheck the option “Show page breaks”.Uncheck Page Breaks
  6. Last click “OK” at the bottom.

Now come back to the interface, you will find that the page breaks are missing. And if you want to show the page breaks, you can follow the steps and check the option.

Tip 2: Set Print Order of Multiple Pages

The order is pretty important if you need to print many pages in an Excel file.Page Order

In this image, you can see that there are scores of two classes in one worksheet. And there will be four pages if you need to print it. However, if you print from left to right, the order will be in a mess. Thus, you should set the order before you print this worksheet.

  1. Click “Page Layout” on the ribbon
  2. Then click the small arrow in the “Sheet Options”. You can see as the picture shows.Click Arrow in Sheet Options
  3. And then a new window will pop up. In the page order, choose the option “Down, Then over”.
  4. Click “OK”.Choose Down then Over

Thus, you will print the class scores one by one.

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