2 Steps to Send Personalized Emails to All Contacts in an Outlook Contact Group

When it comes to sending personalized emails, “Mail Merge” feature will come to our mind. But Outlook doesn’t allow us to apply a mail merge to a contact group. If you wish to send personalized emails to all contacts in a group, you still can follow the 2 steps mentioned in this article to achieve it.

Thanks to “Mail Merge” feature, we can send various personalized emails to the selected recipients. However, if you intend to send personalized emails via “Mail Merge” to all contacts in a group, you will definitely receive an Outlook alert – “Contact groups cannot be merged”. Apparently, Outlook has no native support to start a mail merge with a contact group as the source. But you still can accomplish it by additional clicks. Now read on to learn the elaborate steps.

Contact Groups cannot be merged.

Step 1: Save the Contact Group as TXT File

  1. At the very outset, launch Outlook program and then head to Contacts pane.
  2. Locate and pitch on the source contact group which you intend to send the personalized emails to.Select the source contact group
  3. Then click “File” button in the upper right corner. And in the emerging “File” menu, select the first option – “Save As”.
  4. Next a new dialog box of “Save As” will show up, in which you should specify the saving destination folder, the file name and set the file format as ‘Text Only”.Save As
  5. After clicking “Save” button at bottom, you will get the contact group of TXT format in your selected location.
  6. Later double click to open the TXT file by Notepad. Now you should remove the useless parts which don’t encompass the contacts, namely the header at the top and the blank lines at the bottom.Delete the Invalid Parts in the TXT File
  7. Lastly after deleting the invalid parts, you should press “Ctrl + S” to save the changes and close the Notepad normally.

Step 2: Start a Mail Merge with the Contact Group as the Source

  1. At first, start MS Word application and shift to “Mailing” tab.
  2. Then hit “Select Recipients” button and choose “Use Existing List” from the drop down list.Select Recipients from Existing List
  3. In the popup “Select Data Source” dialog box, you should find the source TXT file that is saved in the Step 1. And click “Open” button.Select Data Source
  4. Next the contacts in the TXT file will be imported as the recipients. You can click “Edit Recipient List” button. In the latter “Mail Merge Recipients” dialog box, you will be able to check all the contacts at will.Check the Recipient List
  5. After checking them, you can close the dialog box by clicking “OK” button in the bottom right corner.
  6. Finally you can begin to compose the personalized email, such as adding the greeting line, adding other merge fields and so on.Insert Mail Merge Fields to Compose Personalized Emails

For more details about how to compose the email, you can refer to a previous article in our blog – “How to Send Personalized Emails to Multiple Contacts via a Form Letter”.

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