2 Simple Methods to Hide Worksheets in Your Excel

In the previous article, we have talked about hiding and showing workbooks in Excel. And in this passage, you can follow us and hide or show Worksheets.

There are three different objects of the hide and show feature: workbook, worksheet and rows or columns. And in this article, we will show you how to hide worksheets in excel. To hide workbooks, you can refer to 2 Quick Steps to Hide Workbooks in Your Excel. To hide specific rows or columns, you can refer to 2 Easy Ways to Hide Specific Rows or Columns in Your Excel.

Now if you need to edit in several certain worksheets, you can hide others. Thus, you can switch between your target sheets more quickly. And there are two different ways to hide and show worksheets.

Hide Worksheets (Method 1)

And the steps to hide worksheets are also very simple.

  1. Right click the tab of the sheet that you want to hide.Click Hide in Menu
  2. And then in the new menu, click the option “Hide”. Thus, this worksheet will be hidden. And you can repeat the step and hide other worksheets.

However, it is impossible for you to hide all the worksheets. Because if you hide the last worksheet, there will be a warning window telling you the information.Warinig Window

Therefore, if you still want to hide all the worksheets, you may refer to the previous article and hide the whole workbook.

Show Worksheets (Method 1)

  1. Right click any of the tab in the bottom of the interface.Click Unhide in Menu
  2. And then in the menu, click the option “Unhide”.
  3. And then in the “Unhide” window, select the sheet that you want to show.Select Sheet
  4. Next click the button “OK”. Thus, the selected sheet will appear in Excel. You can also follow the steps and show other sheets.


Hide Worksheets (Method 2)

Here is the second method to hide worksheets.

  1. Select the tab of the target worksheet.
  2. Click the button “Format” in the ribbon.
  3. Then move your mouse to the option “Hide & Unhide”.Choose Hide Sheet
  4. Next, choose the “Hide Sheet” in the small new menu. Thus, the current worksheet will hide. And repeat the steps and hide other target worksheets.


Show Worksheets (Method 2)

As for the steps of showing worksheets, it is also very easy.

  1. Repeat the step 2-3 in the part “Hide Worksheets (Method 2)”.
  2. In the small menu, choose the “Unhide Sheet” option.Choose Unhide Sheet
  3. Then you will see the window of “Unhide”. Select the sheet that you want to show.Select Sheet
  4. And then click “OK”.


These two different methods of hiding and showing worksheets can be mixed. That is, you can hide worksheets through the first method and show by the second method and vice versa.

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