2 Quick Ways to Move Sheets between Excel Files

In Excel files, you well certainly create many spreadsheets to deal with data and information. And now we have the methods to move one worksheet to another Excel files.

Excel allows you to insert many different worksheets. However, sometimes, you will need to move the information stored in one Excel sheets to another independent files. And here is such an example. In the image below, you have the scores of ten classes.Example for Move Sheets

And now you need to merge those worksheets into the “collection” file. If you simply copy and paste one by one, certainly you will spend a lot of time. So here we have the two easy ways.

Use Move Feature

  1. Open the two target files. And here we first open the “Class 1” and the “collection” file.
  2. In the Class 1 file, right the sheet name like the picture shows.Click the Option  Move or Copy
  3. In the new menu, choose the option “Move or Copy”.
  4. And then in the new window, click the small arrow on the left.
  5. In the drop-down menu, choose the “collection” Excel file. And if you still want to retain the original file, you can check the option “Create a copy”.Choose the Collection File
  6. And now click “OK”. Thus, you have finished all the steps. And the new worksheet will appear in the “Collection” file.

Directly Move the Worksheet

This is another way of moving worksheets.

  1. Open the two target files.
  2. Click the button “Restore Window”.Restore Window

And then all the windows will become smaller.

  1. Now move the two small window until you can see both of the sheet names.The Position of Two Worksheet
  2. Drag the “Class 1” to the file of “collection”. And if you want to retain the original information, you can press the key “Ctrl” when you drag the sheet. Thus the class 1 will appear in the “collection” file.Drag the Sheet

Be Cautious to Virus and Malware

Nowadays, the virus and malware are growing at an exponential rate. So the antivirus software is indispensable in your computer. However, once your computer is attacked by virus, there is a great chance that your file will get damaged. And if you suffer from such data disaster, you will spend a lot of unnecessary time and energy.  Thus, we strongly recommend that you use a third party tool to recover Excel files. Even if your file is severely damaged, this tool is still capable of retrieving most of the lost data and information.

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