2 Practical Tips to Adjust Texts in Excel Cells

In Excel, one of the most important elements is the format. Therefore, here we have 2 practical tips to adjust texts to make the interface of Excel better.

Excel has provided users with many practical tips relating to texts and cells. Thus, you can use those features to adjust your worksheet interface. The text in Excel you input can also change to be better if you can use the following tips better.

Method 1: Change the Text Alignment

This tips talk about the text alignment. And we will use an example to demonstrate the usage. In the image, you can see that this is a list of employee in the company DataNumen.An Example for Text Alignment

The width of the first cell is relatively larger than the following cells. Thus, the interface is not so neat. And in this file, it is obviously the sales representative. So you can apply the following steps.

  1. Right click the target cell.
  2. In the menu, choose the option “Format Cells”.Click Format Cells
  3. And then in the “Format Cells” window, click the tab “Alignment”.
  4. Then in the “Text alignment” area, choose the option “Fill” in the “Horizontal” part.Choose Fill
  5. Next click the button “OK”. Therefore, when you come back to the interface, you can minimize the width of the first cell. And the text will not occupy other cells.The Result

Method 2: Shrink Text

This method is a little different from the previous one. However, sometimes you can also utilize it to adjust the text.

  1. Follow the step 1-3 in the previous part and open the window of “Format Cells”.
  2. And then in the “Text control” area, check the option “Shrink to fit”.Shrink to Fit
  3. Next click “OK”.

Now you come back to the worksheet, you will find that the size of the font in the cell changes.The Size Change

In addition, if you change the size of the cell, the font size will also change according to the cell size. So in your real worksheet, you can choose either of the 2 methods to make adjustment. And both of the methods are easy to manipulate.

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