2 Methods to Quickly Get the Number of Rows or Columns of a Selected Range in Excel

Sometimes you need to know the number of rows and columns of a selected range in the worksheet. In this article, we will introduce two methods for you.

When you select a range in the worksheet and you haven’t released your mouse, you will see the row number and column number of the area in the name box. However, the moment you release your mouse, the number will disappear. It is hard for you to remember the number all the time. What if you need to get the number the next time? Here we have found two methods to solve this problem.

Method 1: Use Shift Key

In this method, you need to use the Shift keys to select the range again.

  1. In the worksheet, press the button “Shift” on the keyboard and hold it.
  2. And then press one of the arrow buttons on the keyboard. We will press the right arrow button to make this example. You will see that the range will add a new column.
  3. After that, press the arrow key with the opposite direction. We will press the left arrow key. Thus, the range is the same range that you have selected.

And at this time, you can see the row number and column number in the name box.Name Box of the Number of Rows and Columns

Remember that in the whole process, you need to hold the button “Shift”. When you know the number, you can release it.

Method 2: Use VBA Macro

Here you can also use the VBA macro to know the number of rows and columns.

  1. Press the button “Alt +F11” on the keyboard.
  2. And then insert a new module into the Visual Basic editor.Insert Module
  3. Now copy the following codes into the module:
Sub CountNumberOfRowsAndColumnsInSelection()
  MsgBox "The number of rows in the range is" & " " & Selection.Rows.Count & _
  Chr(10) & "The number of columns in the range is" & " " & Selection.Columns.Count
End Sub
  1. After that, run this macro. And in the pop-up window, you will get the number.Window


Compare the Two Methods

The table below shows the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods.


Use Shift Key

Use VBA Macro


This method is easy to understand. You can get the result easily and quickly by using macro.


There are more steps in this method, which will cause you more time to get the answer. If you are not familiar with Excel VBA, you may meet with problems when you run the macro.

Both of the two methods are very effective. You can use either of the method in your worksheet.

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