2 Methods to Password Protect Your Excel Workbooks (Part II)

In the previous article, we have discussed the first method to set password for Excel. Here we will continue this topic.

Except for the first method to set password, you can also use the following way. And we will show you the detail steps.

Set Passwords: Method 2

  1. Click “File” in the ribbon.
  2. Next click “Protect Workbook”.Encrypt with Password
  3. In the new menu, click the option “Encrypt with Password”.
  4. And then input the password into the new pop-up window.Input password
  5. Next click “OK”.
  6. And then input the password again in the “Confirm Password” window.Reenter Password
  7. Click “OK”. Thus, you have set password for the workbook.

Using this workbook, you are not able to set password for modify. And this is the difference between the two methods of setting password. You can choose either of the two methods according to your need.

Now we will discuss about deleting password. There are also 2 methods to delete passwords in Excel.

Delete Passwords: Method 1

  1. Repeat the step 1-3 in the previous part.
  2. In the “Encrypt Document” window, delete the password.Delete Passwords
  3. And then click “OK”.

In this method, you cannot delete the password for modify. And if you have set password for modify, the next time you open the file, Excel will still remind you to enter the password for write access. And to delete this password, you may refer to the next method.


Delete Passwords: Method 2

  1. Click “File” in the ribbon.
  2. Then click “Save As”.Save As
  3. And then click “Tools” in the “Save As” window.General Options
  4. In the drop-down menu, click the option “General Options”.
  5. And then in the window, clear the passwords. Don’t forget to uncheck the “Read-only recommended” option. Otherwise the recommend information will appear again when you try to open the file.Clear Password
  6. Next click “OK”.
  7. And then click “Save” to save the workbook. Hence, you have deleted all the passwords for the workbook.

Passwords cannot Guarantee the Absolute Security of Excel

Malicious hackers have better master of information technology. Thus, even if you have set passwords for Excel, it still has the danger of being damaged. As a result, you cannot be sure that your files are safe enough. Thus, you can prepare a tool to protect Excel. It is able to fix Excel in a quick time. And no matter what reason that causes damage to your Excel file, this software is able to solve the problem.

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