2 Methods to Count the Total Number of the Emails from Specific Senders in Outlook

If you would like to count the total number of the emails from specific senders, how can you achieve it? This article introduce you 2 quick means. You can choose either based on the amount of the specific senders.

Sometimes, for some reasons, such as making some statistics in order to plan for future work, you may be required to get a count of the Outlook emails from one or more specific senders. You must be reluctant to count them one by one in that it is pretty time-consuming and prone to error. Fortunately, the search features in Outlook can help you obtain the number of emails from specific senders readily. Read on to learn the detail steps of 2 workarounds.

Method 1: Count Emails from a Specific Sender via Instant Search

If you wish to count the number of emails from one specific sender, making use of instant search is a quicker and easier method.

  1. For a start, click into the instant search box above the mail list.
  2. Then from the highlighted “Search” ribbon, find and hit the “From” button.Use From Field in Instant Search
  3. Next replace the “Sender Name” with the actual sender name or the sender’s email address.Type the Sender Name or Email Address
  4. Lastly, only the emails from a specified sender will display. At this point, you can get the number of the search results at the status bar in the bottom left corner.Get the Total Number in Status Bar

Method 2: Count Emails from More Than One Sender via Search Folder

If you want to count the emails from two or more senders, the above method will not be effective. You have to apply this method.

  1. For a start, right click “Search Folders” and select “New Search Folder” from the right clicking menu.
  2. Then in the “New Search Folder” dialog, select “Mail from specific people”.
  3. Next in the subsequent window of “Select Name: Contacts”, double click the specific contact to add it to “From ->” box and hit “OK”.Create a New Search Folder for Mails from Specific People
  4. After that, you should back to the Mail navigation pane and open the new search folder.
  5. Eventually you can get the total number of the emails from specific senders in the status bar.Get the Total Number of the Emails from Specific Senders via Search Folder

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