2 Means to Turn an Outlook Email into a Task/Appointment

If you would like to follow up a received email, not only can you flag it, but also you are allowed to turn it into an appointment or a task. This article will teach you how to realize it.

When I receive an email containing a task or appointment information, I tended to flag the email directly in the past. But I wished that I could add more details to the task or appointment. So I hope to convert the email to a task or appointment straightly. The following are the elaborate steps of 2 available means.

Make Full Use of “Copy to Folder” Feature

  1. To start with, you should launch Outlook and open the target mail folder.
  2. Then pitch on and highlight the source email in the arisen mail list.
  3. Next under “Home” tab, find “Move” button in the group of “Move”. Click it and from the popup drop down list, choose “Copy to Folder” option.Copy to Folder
  4. Later a new dialog box of “Copy Items” will show up, in which you ought to select “Calendar” folder under the correct account or Outlook data file.Copy Email to Calendar Folder
  5. After that, you could click “OK” button. And immediately a new window for a new Outlook appointment will turn up automatically.

Note: If you would like to transfer the email into a task, in step 4, you need to select “Tasks” folder instead. And the new task window will open accordingly.

  1. In the emerging interface, you could find that the source email’s contents still exist, including sender, recipient, subject as well as concrete message body. Then you can begin to fill in all appointment related information as usual. New Appointment
  2. Eventually remember to press “Save & Close” button to save it.

Directly Drag & Drop to Tasks/Calendar Pane

  1. At the outset, similar to the first way, you should pitch on the source email in mail folder.
  2. Then drag the email to the ‘Task” option in navigation pane. Within seconds, navigation pane will shift from “Mail” to “Task” pane.Drag and Drop the Email to Task Pane

Note: For converting to appointment, you need to drag and drop the email to Calendar icon in navigation pane.

  1. After you drop the email onto the “Task” icon, a new task window will pop up. Equally, the task body has encompassed the source email’s contents. Next you can enter the specific task subject, state date and due date, and so on.New Task
  2. Finally hit “Save & Close” button to save the task and close the window. Later you can check the new task in To-Do bar.

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