2 Means to Batch Apply the Format of One Chart to the Others in Your Excel Worksheet

At times, you may want to batch apply the format of one chart to all the others in an Excel worksheet. In this article, we will expose 2 quick methods to you.

Perhaps you have created a lot of charts in an Excel worksheet and these charts may be in different formats. For instance, some are pie charts, some are column charts and some are line charts. Now, you may want to unify the formats of all the charts. You wish to copy the format of a chart to all the other charts in the sheet. In general, most users will utilize the following Method 1 to manually do it one by one. Yet, if there are many charts to be processed, you’d better use the latter way.

Method 1: Copy Chart Format One by One

  1. First off, open the Excel worksheet that you want.
  2. Then, pitch on the model chart and right click on it.
  3. From the context menu, select “Copy” option.Copy Chart
  4. Then, select another chart.
  5. Next, click “Paste” button and select “Paste Special” in “Clipboard” group.Paste Special
  6. In the popup dialog box, select “Formats” and click “OK”.Paste Formats
  7. At once, the selected chart’s format has been modified.Target Chart's Format Is Changed
  8. Now, in this way, you can copy the source chart’s formats to the other charts one by one.

Method 2: Batch Apply with Excel VBA

  1. To begin with, launch Excel VBA editor according to “How to Run VBA Code in Your Excel“.
  2. Then, put the following code into a module.
Sub CopyChartFormatToOtherCharts()
    Dim objChart As ChartObject


    For Each objChart In ActiveSheet.ChartObjects
        ActiveSheet.PasteSpecial Format:=2
    Next objChart
End Sub

VBA Code - Batch Apply the Format of One Chart to the Others

  1. After that, add this macro to ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Eventually, you can have a try.
  • At first, select the sample chart.
  • Then, hit the newly added macro button.Run Macro
  • Immediately, the other charts’ formats have been changed to the source one, like the following screenshot.Batch Changed Charts


  Advantages Disadvantages
Method 1 Easy to operate Unable to process many charts in bulk
Method 2 Far faster and more effective to process multiple charts in batches Users have to keep cautious of external malicious macros.

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