2 Means to Disable Email Grouping in Outlook

Outlook emails are grouped as default by today, yesterday, last week etc. If you dislike it, here are 2 quick ways to disable email grouping.

As we can see, all messages in Outlook are grouped based on time division in all email folders, no matter Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, etc. Virtually it does help us a lot to manage emails in order, such that it is much convenient to check them as per our needs. However, some people would like to see all messages in plain list without groups, namely removing the groups. Of course we can realize it in a breeze. If you want to show your email without grouping, you can utilize the quick means as followings.

Disable Email Grouping in View Arrangement Ribbon

  1. At the very outset, open our Outlook and switch to “View” tab.
  2. Then in the section of “Arrangement”, click the down arrow to expand the “Arrangement” box, in which we can see all sorts of sorting and grouping selections, such as Date, Categories and Size, etc. We can absolutely see an item, namely “Show in Groups”. Uncheck it. Then it will succeed.Disable Email Grouping in View Arrangement

Thereafter, we can go back to Outlook “Home” tab. We will discover that emails have been listed without any groupings. Apart from via View Arrangement, we can complete it by changing View Settings.

Disable “Show Items in Groups” by View Settings

  1. To start with, we should switch to “View” tab as the above method.
  2. Then located in “Current View”, we should click the “View Settings” icon. A new dialog box called “Advanced View Settings” will turn up.
  3. In this dialog, we would be required to find and click the fifth button – “Other Settings”.
  4. After clicking it, another dialog box will arise, in which there are many changeable settings. In “Grid Lines and Group Headings” tab, we can see an option, namely “Show Items in Groups”. Unmark the checkbox next to it.Disable “Show Items in Groups” by View Settings

As long as finishing above operations, we will succeed to disable email grouping, having messages shown as plain list.

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