2 Effective Methods to Spell Check Contents in Your Excel Worksheet

Excel will not add additional mark for incorrect contents. Therefore, you can use the 2 methods in this article to spell check contents in your Excel worksheet.

In a word file, you will see some red wavy lines or green wavy lines in certain words. And those lines tell you that there may be some incorrect words or usages. However, in Excel, there is no such mark. In the image below, there is no additional mark in the worksheet.An Example for Spell Check

However, this doesn’t mean that all the words in this worksheet are right. There may still be some mistakes. And to find and correct those words, you can use the two methods below.

Method 1: Use Spelling Check

In this method, you will use the built-in spelling features in your Excel.

  1. Click cell A1 in the worksheet.
  2. Click the tab “Spelling” in the ribbon. Besides, you can also press the button “F7” on the keyboard to spell check contents in your worksheet.
  3. And then click the button “Spelling” in the toolbar.Spelling
  4. Next you will see the dialog of spelling. Here the first check result is the word “DataNumen”. This is the name of a company but not in dictionary. However, you don’t need to modify it. Therefore, here you can click the button “Ignore Once” or “Ignore All” according to your need. If you choose the “Ignore Once”, the same word in other cells will also be put out the next time. And if you click the “Ignore All”, this word will now show in this window in this spell check.Ignore
  5. And next you will see other words in this window. Here we have mistakenly typed the word “Repair”. And in the “Suggestions” part, there are several options that you can choose. This is because Excel will guess that word that you need to input.Other Word

Here you can choose one option and then click “Change” on the left. If you are not sure whether there exist same mistakes in other cells, you can click the button “Change All”. Thus, all the same mistakes will be changed. On the other hand, if you click the button “AutoCorrect” in the window, Excel will automatically choose the most suitable options in the “Suggestions” list. And here Excel will choose the first word “Repair” and correct in the cell.

  1. Whatever you choose, next Excel will check other cells and list the suggestions.Other Mistakes

And for all those words, you can change or ignore according to your actual need.

  1. When all the cells are checked in this worksheet, you will see this information like the image below show:Information

The spelling check is complete. Thus, click the button “OK” in this window.

In this process, you can see that we put the cursor on the cell A1. But if you input the cursor on another cell, for example, B6, and then check the worksheet, you will see this information as the process going on:Check Beginning

The cells before the cell B6 will not be checked automatically, and Excel will ask you whether you want to check those cells before the cell B6. If you need to check those cells, click “Yes” in this dialog, otherwise click “No”.

Method 2: Use VBA Codes

In the first method, you need to decide whether you will change the word or not. But if you only need to show mistakes, you need to stop the checking process. To make the task easier, you can use this second method.

  1. Press the shortcut keys “Aly +F11” on the keyboard.
  2. And then click the tab “Insert” in the toolbar.
  3. In the drop-down menu, choose the option “Module”.Insert Module
  4. After that, copy and paste the following codes into the new module:
Sub SpellCheck()

    Dim Rng As Range

    For Each Rng In ActiveSheet.UsedRange

        If Application.CheckSpelling(word:=Rng.Value) = False Then

            Rng.Interior.Color = vbYellow

        End If

    Next Rng

End Sub

In this VBA macro, we will find the cells with incorrect words and then format those cells.

  1. Now press the button “F5” on the keyboard or click the button “Run Sub” to run this macro.
  2. And then come back to the worksheet. Now you can see that all the cells with incorrect words have a new format.New Format

Thus, the original mistake can be well reserved in the worksheet.

A Comparison of the Two Methods

In the table below, we have compared the two different methods in detail.

Comparison Use Spelling Check Use VBA Codes
Advantages If you are not familiar with VBA macro, you can use this method easily. You can get the result immediately with just one click.
Disadvantages If you just need to find cells with mistakes, you need to stop the process whenever you find a mistake. Therefore, this method will be rather annoying in such condition. Using VBA codes will sometimes produce mistakes, and also it may complicate your task.

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