2 Effective Methods to Enlarge the Worksheet Area in Your Excel

In certain circumstance, you will find that the worksheet area is too small. And now you can use the 2 effective methods in this article to enlarge the worksheet area.

Suppose you will give a lesson to other people with an Excel file. When you are demonstrating some data, you may find that the worksheet area is not big enough. Therefore, you need to enlarge the area. And now you can use the two methods to meet this need.

Method 1: Use Full Screen

This method is very easy to use.

  1. Click the tab “View” in the ribbon.
  2. And then click the button “Full Screen” in the toolbar. Besides, you can also use the shortcut keys “Alt->W->E” on the keyboard to replace these two steps.Full Screen

And now you will find that the worksheet is in the mode of full screen. The quick access toolbar and the ribbon have been hidden. Therefore, you can display more data in one screen.Full Screen Mode

When you need to restore the interface, you can right click in any area in the worksheet and choose the option “Close Full Screen”.Close Full Screen

What’s more, you can also press the button “Esc” on the keyboard to close the full screen.

Method 2: Hide Certain Elements

In the full screen mode, you will find that you cannot get access to the ribbon or the quick access toolbar. As a result, you cannot use the features in the toolbar. To avoid this problem, you can use this second method to replace the first one.

  1. Click the tab “File” in the ribbon.
  2. And then click the button “Options”. Now you have opened the “Excel Options” window.
  3. Now in the window, click the option “Advanced” on the right.
  4. After that, you can find 5 options by dragging the scrollbar. The options include: Show formula bar, Show horizontal scroll bar, Show vertical scroll bar, Show sheet tabs, Show row and column headers.Hide Elements

Here you need to uncheck the options according to your need.

  1. After that, click the button “OK” to save the setting.
  2. And then click the small arrow in the upper right corner to minimize the ribbon.Minimize Ribbon

When you have finished all the settings, you will find the worksheet like the image below show.New Appearance

All the other elements are hidden because you have unchecked them in step 4. As for the ribbon, the tabs will still be there. When you need to use the features in the toolbar, you can still click the tab. The toolbar will expand as you click the tab.Click Tab

The next time you click in the worksheet area, the toolbar will be minimized again.

But in this method, you cannot use some features, such as the scrollbar. Therefore, when you uncheck options in step 4, you need to decide which one you will keep in the worksheet area. For the two methods, you can choose to use one according to your actual need.

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