2 Easy Ways to Delete Stuck Emails in Outbox

Are you peeved about that you cannot delete stuck emails in your Outbox? In this article let’s look at 2 simple ways to resolve the problem.

Everyone must have encountered the situation that it took much time to send a large email. In general, it is difficult to send a large email, which may contain an over-sized attachment. Therefore, provided the email is sent with success, it must be a great fortune. While the most awful scenario is that email is stuck in Outbox. It is also hard to delete it. When struggling to delete it, you will receive a warning about the error that Outlook has started delivering the email.

Delete Stuck Emails

Do not panic. There are 2 simple ways to delete them. To be honest, the former one is the most recommended. Hence try the former one at first. If it proves failure, then attempt the latter.

Using Windows Instant Search to Delete Stuck Emails

  1. For a start, Close Outlook Application. Keep in mind that you can’t close it by force, which may engender more errors sometimes.
  2. Then open Windows Start Menu. And type “Outbox” into Search field.
  3. Wait for its search, and you will find emails in Outbox listed out. Right click on the stuck email and select “Delete”.
  4. Finally you will see no stuck emails in Outbox after re-opening Outlook.

Changing Outlook Default Delivery Location to Delete Stuck Emails

  1. Go to “File” Menu and click on “Account Settings”.
  2. Choose “Data Files” tab and click “Add”. In the popup dialog, you would be required to create a new Outlook file. Then return to Outlook, pitch on it and click “Set as Default”.
  3. Next you should close Outlook and later re-open it.
  4. In “Home” page, you could see the default outlook file is the new one. What you should do is show folder list of the old one, locate the stuck emails in outlook and delete it. You will be able to delete it with ease.
  5. Eventually you could go to “Account Settings” to set the old one as default, and come back to “Home” page, right click the new one and select “Close” to remove it.

Dealing with Corrupted Outlook Files

With growing data stored in Outlook, apart from the error mentioned above, other outlook errors may occur occasionally. Due to various internal and external factors, Outlook will be always confronted with data corruptions and loss. In attempt to avoid corruption, we should treat both computer and application well. Meanwhile, we should make regular backups as well. Supposing we need to repair corrupted Outlook file, we could resort to specialized repair tool like DataNumen Outlook repair for a quick Outlook recovery. It will scan and restore damaged files like a breeze.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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