2 Common Problems with PSD Files that Can Lead to Data Loss

Adobo Photoshop’s default file format is the PSD file. The PSD file saves all the elements of an image that was manipulated on Photoshop. Unfortunately, software or hardware problems can lead to PSD files getting corrupted.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing programs out there. It is used by graphic designers, web developers, photographers, and other creatives to edit, manipulate, and retouch images.

DataNumen PSD Repair

The most common format to save your work on Adobo Photoshop is the Photoshop Format or PSD file. These files are the only format that can save all of the elements of the edited image.

Unfortunately, PSD files can be lost or corrupted due to errors in the Photoshop program itself, sudden power failures, or problems with your hard drive. Here are a few scenarios which can lead to data loss from PSD files and what you can do about them.

Why can’t I open my PSD file?

If you are having trouble opening a PSD file, there is a good chance it is corrupted.

If you suspect that your PSD file has been corrupted, you can try to repair it by returning to a previous version of the file.

  1. Find the corrupted file on File Explorer. Select and right click on the file.
  2. Select “Restore previous versions” from the options presented.
  3. Choose an earlier version of your file.
  4. Click “Restore”
  5. Open the restored file on Photoshop. You will get a dialogue box which will warn you that some of the text layers containing fonts will be missing. This is to be expected, click “Ok”
  6. Save the opened file as a new PSD file

You can also try to recover a corrupted PSD file by restoring it from your temp files.

  1. Open Photoshop and click on the “File” option.
  2. Change the file type to the extension .temp
  3. Click “Open”, you will see a list of PSD files that were unsaved or “temporary”
  4. Select the most recent .temp file, save it but make sure it’s file extension is now .psd
  5. Open the file on Photoshop. Save it under a new file name.   

I can’t find my PSD file?

Another common problem facing Photoshop users is if their file is “lost”, if they can no longer access their data or work because they can no longer find their files. If that happens to you try the following:

1. If the missing file is one your worked on recently

Open your Photoshop and go to the “File” tab. Go to the option “Open Recent”, you might be able to find a copy of your work there. Open it and save it as a new file.

2. Check the temp files

Even if you didn’t work on it recently, there could be copies of the file on your computers Temporary file folder. The best way to ensure that you don’t incur data loss due to a corrupted or loss PSD file is to have a good data recovery program installed, like DataNumen PSD Repair. Time is off the essence when we’re talking data recovery so it’s best to have a data recovery program installed and ready – even before a problem crops up.

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