2 Clicks to Forward Emails in Batches

Forwarding emails has been a frequent action when we deal with emails in Outlook. In this article I will introduce how to forward emails in batches.

In our daily work, apart from writing and sending emails, we often need to forward emails as well. Sometimes, we even would be required to forward a massive number of emails. You may take it for granted that you would forward these emails one by one, which does result in a waste of time. Actually we can use only 2 clicks to forward all.

forward emails in batches

It seems that forwarding emails in batches by only 2 clicks is a little bit incredible. Actually it is really simple. Even if you are a novice in Outlook, you can still easily make flexible use of this skill.

Now let’s learn together how to forward emails in batches by only 2 clicks.

  1. As usual, open Outlook and turn to the mailbox which contains the emails to be forwarded, no matter in Inbox, Sent Items or Deleted Items.
  2. Then select all the emails to be forwarded. You could utilize a shortcut key – “Ctrl + A” to select all. But this method may pose a problem that it will also select the emails not to be forwarded in the mailbox. Another good approach is to press “Ctrl” key and meanwhile select the emails one by one, which certainly avoids the problem by the former method.
  3. Next here comes the first click after you select all the emails to be forwarded. In the page of “Home”, you can see “Forward” option in the frame of “Respond”. Click it and then it will turn to the page of a new “Message”. In this page, you will see all the selected emails have been attached to the email.
  4. Then you could fill in the email address and subject as well as concrete email contents. Finally, click “Send” to finish all the forwarding procedures. That is the second click. Of course, it’s also the final click.

In our mind, we usually think that attachments are documents and media. Actually, in this way, we just forward the emails as attachments. This is one of Outlook’s good capabilities, which allows us to improve efficiency without need to forward one by one. With various functions, Outlook is not only used as email clients, but also as contact, task and schedule manager. While with more and more data stored in Outlook, it is also increasingly easier to get corrupted. Once outlook files are damaged, we need to use a powerful third party tool such as DataNumen Outlook Repair, which is especially designed in outlook recovery. It can scan and repair all corrupted outlook files in least time.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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