2 Quick Approaches to Prevent Duplicate Contacts

To mounting contacts in Outlook, we often save the same contacts repetitively. Actually we can check out duplicate contacts by 2 quick ways.

I have ever been required to import a list of contacts into Outlook Contacts. These contacts are stored in excel file, which includes quantities of contacts, nearly exceeding 200 ones. After skimming the list rapidly, I’ve found that some contacts have already existed in Outlook Contacts. Therefore here comes the question – How can I import these contacts without importing the duplicates?

Before confronted with the problem, I have never thought about the duplicate contacts. In reality, I exactly don’t know whether there are duplicates in my Contacts or not. After particular consulting with those who are expert at MS Outlook, I learned 2 quick and simple methods to prevent duplicates before they emerge. Here are the steps of the 2 ways in detail.

Prevent Duplicate Contacts in Outlook

Configuring Outlook to Check for Duplicate Contacts

  1. Go to “File” menu and click on “Options”.
  2. In the new window of “Outlook Options”, select “Contacts” option.
  3. In the item of “Names and filing”, we must see the item – “Check for duplicates when saving new contacts”. We would be required to tick the item.

In general, this function is activated by default in Outlook. But we should not rule out some special cases. Thus it’s vital for us to come here to examine whether it’s activated or not.

Skipping Duplicate Contacts during Import

This approach is appropriate for importing a host of contacts into Outlook, which will utilize Outlook Import and Export Wizard.

  1. For a start, go to “File” menu and select “Open”. And click “Import” option.
  2. Then locate and pitch on “Import from another program or file”, and click “Next”.
  3. Next we should select the file type which we will import from. We usually import from excel files. In this situation, we should choose “Microsoft Excel 97-2003”. Then click “Next”.
  4. Later we are required to choose specific file. Besides, there are three options about duplicate items. It is recommended to select “Do not import duplicate items”.
  5. Finally we could just finish the whole steps, following the prompts.

What You Must Do after Outlook Is Attacked by Virus and Malware

In fact, in process of importing and exporting, Outlook is extremely vulnerable to virus infections and malware assaults. For example, sometimes, those innocent attachments may carry viruses and rogue program. Hence we will find it difficult to check out the viruses, which will lead to Outlook corruption. Under this circumstance, we are better off using a specialized repair tool for Outlook recovery. DataNumen Outlook repair is highly recommended repair tool, which can scan damaged files and minimize the corruption.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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