11 Useful Solutions When iPhone Keeps Restarting

If your iPhone shuts down abruptly and then keeps restarting, your iPhone data will be in danger. So you had better fix this issue as soon as possible. Now, this post will share 11 effective solutions with you.

11 Useful Solutions When iPhone Keeps Restarting

iPhone can suffer annoying keeping restarting issue due to various factors, such as improper iOS update, out-of-date third party applications, software glitch and hardware problems and so on. Under this circumstance, not only will the iPhone data become inaccessible, but also data will be in danger of corruption, similar to damaged PST on PC. Therefore, it is imperative to solve this problem as soon as possible. Now, in the followings, we will expose 10 practical solutions.

1. Reboot Your iPhone

Although it may sound weird, rebooting the iPhone can fix this issue and is pretty simple. Just press the Home and Power buttons meanwhile. After a few seconds, you can see the Apple Logo and iPhone starts to reboot. You can wait to see if the iPhone will not restart.

2. Turn Cellular Data on/off

Apart from the above one, sometimes, simply turning the cellular data on/off can solve this problem as well. So, it is worth an attempt. Now, after access to your iPhone finally, you can go to “Settings” > “Cellular” and then turn off the Cellular data. Next switch it on again.

3. Unmount Faulty Applications

If iPhone suffers just after you install or update any third party applications, it is very likely that the culprits are the faulty applications. In this scenario, you could just unmount the malicious software.

4. Install Available App Updates

Plus, provided that any applications haven’t been updated, they can be conflicting with your iPhone operating system. Hence, your iPhone keeps restarting. In this situation, what you should do is to install all the available application updates.

5. Update iOS Version

Not only does the outdated iOS lack new features, but also it may contain much vulnerability, which may result in “keep restarting” issue. Hence, it is advisable to keep iOS start-of-the-art. At present, don’t hesitate. Upgrade your iOS at once!

6. Reset All iPhone Settings

In addition, maybe any improper iPhone settings are to blame. In this scenario, it is suggested to reset all the iPhone settings, which will not erase your data. You can head to “Settings” menu and access “General” page, and next click on “Reset”. Among the popup three options, choose “Reset All Settings”.

7. Restore iPhone with iTunes

Assuming that “Reset All Settings” fails to eliminate this issue, you can select to restore your iPhone, which can be accomplished with iTunes. Connect iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. Next click “Back Up Now” button in iTunes firstly. After that, hit “Restore” button.

8. Clean iPhone’s Charging Port

As what is mentioned in the beginning, this issue can result from hardware issues, such as dirty or busy charging port. Therefore, you should clear the charging port on the bottom of your iPhone, such as removing headphone. What’s more, you have to clean the dirt, dust or other debris stuck inside the port.

9. Replace iPhone Battery

Malfunctioning iPhone battery is also one of the possible hardware issues which can cause “iPhone keeps restarting” trouble. In such a case, without any doubts, replacing the battery is the unique solution.

10. Remove Your SIM Card

Aside from charging port and battery, iPhone can become stuck in a restart loop if something wrong occurs to your iPhone connection to wireless carrier. As you know, SIM card is responsible for the iPhone connection to wireless carrier. Thus, it is recommended to remove your SIM card to see if issues persist.

11. Utilize iPhone Recovery Tools

Supposing that all the solutions mentioned above cannot make effect, you have no choice but to resort to any external assistance, like third party recovery utility. There is a lot of such software available. But you should only trust in and apply the tools from reputable and experienced sources.

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