11 Symptoms of Malware Infection in Computer

Since malware can lead to severe data disasters or financial problems, you should learn to recognize if your computer is infected unconsciously. Here are 11 common situations that indicate the computer is in danger now. 

Malware is so annoying that everyone wants to avoid it. But with the development of technology, it becomes trickier for people to prevent. Thus in order to protect both vital data and other personal interests, you should have a good awareness of malware infection. Therefore, once the computer gets infected, you can take corresponding measures to protect yourself. Here we will offer 11 common signs and hope it can help you.

Computer Malware Infection

1.Threats by ransomware

Threats by ransomware are the most obvious symptoms. The criminals behind the ransomware usually encrypt your data and send extortion message to ask for profit. In this case, you should know that you might not get your data even after paying for it. Thus, backing up in advance in this situation is of great importance. Like preparing Outlook backups in case of pst damage, you should keep a regular manner in backups as well.

2.Browser redirects

If you click a link to open it after a search on Google, but the link opens to a totally different page. Then you repeat the previous steps, but still get the same result. When this situation occurs frequently, you have to know that it’s a malware infection.

3.Different home page

Many will set one favorite page as their home page. If you always get other webpages and some unknown tool bars appear in your browser window, then you likely meet malware infection.

4.Growing pop-ups

There are plenty of pop-ups in the Internet that you may receive. But if you still receive pop-ups when you are even not online, then you are prone to come across malware infection.

5.Unknown icons on desktop

When downloading some free third party applications, you might be careless and let some unwanted malicious programs hitch a ride. If you find some unfamiliar icons showing in the desktop, you need to be vigilant.

6.Computer crashes or hangs frequently

If your computer ran normally, but recently, it begins to crash or hang there all over the time, then after eliminating other factors like hard drive space, you can take malware infection into account.

7.Missing or corrupt files/folders

Malware can encrypt/destroy your files or transfer your files. Therefore, if you discover that many of your file/folders are corrupt or missing, you have to pay more attention to malware infection.

8.Web browser freezes or have no response

If you’re downloading or the network is in trouble, then it’s normal that your web browser will freeze or have no response from time to time. Otherwise, it’s likely a sign of malware infection as well.

9.Hard drive activity

If you are not downloading anything or running some programs, but the hard drive seems to have excessive activity, then you can take both hard drive failure and malware infection into account.

10.Lack of hard drive space

As many malicious software are prone to fill up available space on your PC, if you find that your storage space have been abnormally decreased, then it’s probably malware infection.

11.Send emails to friends without knowing it

Some malware can run programming automatically. It might make use of your email account and send messages to your friends for improper benefit. If you find some unknown emails in the sent box that you haven’t written, then you have to consider malware infection.

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