10 Key Questions You Should Ask before Formulating a Disaster Recovery Plan for SQL Server

Know the key questions you need to ask while you are working on a Disaster recovery plan.

Although it is a given that all organizations making use of SQL Server should also be making use of a disaster recovery plan, there are certain situations that end up putting you in a situation where your disaster recovery plan does not end up being as good as it was expected. What will be your way out in this kind of a situation? What will you do if there is a disaster and you are unable to perform the required disaster recovery plan? To avoid these kinds of situation, you need to test the disaster recovery plan that you have prepared. There are certain crucial questions that you need to ask to make sure that the disaster recovery plan that you have prepared is working as efficiently it should. Continue reading to know what are the key questions one needs to ask before the formulation of DR plan?Key Questions You Should Ask Before Formulating A Disaster Recovery Plan

1. Disaster and Recovery

The very first thing to ask is what is the kind of disaster you are building the disaster recovery plan against? Once this is clear, you also need to ask what will be the preferred recovery method.

2. Cost of Downtime

If the disaster strikes, how badly is it going to affect the business? What exactly will be the cost of the downtime? The efficacy of the plan needs to be decided accordingly.

3. Service Level Agreement

Service Level AgreementYou need to be clear with your SLA with not just the business but also with customers, and ensure that it is being adhered to.

4. Time

Be clear with the amount of time and money can you afford to spend on building and maintaining the disaster recovery plan you are planning to create? That too on a regular basis.

5. Needs and Priority

Along with understanding what the potential disaster scenarios for your company, based on your location and infrastructure, you also need to understand what priority is the organization putting the plan on.

6. Testing and Documentation

Have you tested your disaster recovery plan well before the disaster actually strikes? Do you have proper documentation of the plan, incase anything goes wrong or is found missing?

7. Technology

What kind of technology are you using in your disaster recovery plan? Is it efficient enough to prevent data loss, and safeguard from different kinds of disasters?

8. Mitigation

How sincerely have you made attempts to prevent a disaster altogether? And how efficient are your recovery plans? Have you invested in a specialized recover mdf tool?

9.  Dependencies

How strongly are you relying on other teams to ensure that your applications work well? And are those teams making regular tests on their plan?

10.  Failover

Have you performed failovers to your backup site, during low usage period? To check the performance of the application with fewer than usual users.

The list of crucial questions does not end here because there are several other key areas that need to be looked into while forming a disaster recovery plan. The ones mentioned above are the most important ones, which you should definitely look into.

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