10 Effective Solutions when iTunes Doesn’t Recognize iPhone

iTunes plays an important role in backing up iPhone data. However, at times, when you connect your iPhone to a computer, iTunes may fail to recognize it. Now, in this article, we will offer you 10 solutions to this problem.

When it comes to backing up iPhone data, two options will come to your mind in the first place. They are iTunes and iCloud. To back up through iTunes, you need to connect iPhone to a computer and launch iTunes to recognize the iPhone. Yet, in this process, many users have experienced a problem. That is, iTunes does not detect iPhone. In the followings, we’ll expose 10 effective solutions to this issue.

10 Effective Solutions when iTunes Doesn't Recognize iPhone

1. Relaunch iTunes App

First of all, there is a chance that something wrong occurs to iTunes. Hence, you’d be required to quit iTunes and then relaunch it after a while to see if it can detect your iPhone as normal. If it fails, too, move on to the next solution.

2. Reconnect iPhone to anther USB Port

Besides, it may be because of the faulty USB port. So, you can disconnect iPhone from the computer, and then reconnect it to another USB port. After that, you can launch iTunes to retry.

4. Reboot iPhone/Computer

In addition, you can attempt a versatile solution. That is rebooting the devices. To be specific, you can firstly reboot your iPhone and try iTunes again. If the issue persists, you need to reboot the computer.

4. Make iPhone Trust Computer

Provided that even rebooting makes no effects, you should check whether your iPhone doesn’t trust your computer. You can reconnect the iPhone to PC and then unlock the iPhone. In the popup “Trust This Computer?” dialog, you should tap on “Trust”.

5. Utilize another USB Cable

Furthermore, it is possible that the USB cable, which you use to connect between iPhone and computer, is damaged. Therefore, you had better procure and utilize a new cable to connect iPhone to your PC. Then relaunch iTunes to have a check.

6. Upgrade iTunes to Latest Version

What’s more, there is likelihood that the iTunes is out-of-date. Hence, you need to check the iTunes version. If it exactly isn’t the latest version, you have to upgrade it right away.

7. Reinstall iTunes

Assuming that iTunes is actually updated, you can suspect whether the iTunes is crashing or suffers something wrong. Under this circumstance, you could directly re-install iTunes to have a try.

8. Keep iOS Updated

Aside from iTunes, you need to take iPhone iOS version into account, too. In other words, you ought to check iOS version of your iPhone and update it to the latest state.

9. Update iPhone Drivers

Moreover, if the iPhone drivers on your computer are outdated, iTunes won’t be able to recognize it, either. Thus, you need to update iPhone drivers. Go to Device Manager in Windows and find “Apple iPhone” in “Portable Devices”. Then, right click “Apple iPhone” and select “Update software”. After that, hit “Browse on my computer” and go to “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple…” path and select the “Drivers” folder.

10. Repair Damaged iPhone

The worst case is that all solutions above cannot help you. Generally speaking, it is very likely that your iPhone may be corrupted. At this time, you have no choice but to repair the iPhone. Otherwise, the iPhone data will be corrupt and lost one day, similar to PST corruption owing to Computer crash. In this scenario, you are better off seeking professional help rather than attempting DIY repair.

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