When God is My Son

1. Memories of a Divine Relationship

A brief introduction to the unique bond between Swamiji and his 15 “mothers,” exploring the essence of motherly love and spiritual connection.


Within the spiritual journey of Swamiji, there exists a special connection with his 15 “mothers.” These individuals play a significant role in his life, providing not only maternal care but also spiritual guidance and support.

The Essence of Motherly Love

The bond between Swamiji and his mothers goes beyond the conventional definition of motherly love. It is a pure and selfless love that nurtures his soul and uplifts his spirit. Through their unwavering support and compassion, they embody the essence of motherhood in a spiritual context.

Spiritual Connection

This unique relationship is not merely based on blood ties or familial connections but is rooted in a deep spiritual bond. The mothers serve as conduits of divine energy, guiding Swamiji on his path towards enlightenment and inner peace. Their presence in his life is a constant reminder of the sacred connection between a guru and his disciples.

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2. A Moment of Revelation

Reflecting on a conversation where Swamiji shared insights on motherhood, prompting a deeper understanding of the divine mother-son relationship.

During a recent conversation with Swamiji, his words on motherhood deeply resonated with me. He spoke of the unconditional love and sacrifice that mothers embody, drawing parallels to the divine mother-son relationship. His insights prompted me to reflect on my own relationship with my mother and the profound depth of her love for me.

Swamiji emphasized the nurturing role of mothers, likening it to the nurturing qualities of the divine. This comparison shed light on the selfless nature of a mother’s love and the continuous support they provide to their children, mirroring the unwavering support of the divine in our lives.

His words also sparked a realization within me about the significance of gratitude and respect towards our mothers. Through his teachings, I understood the importance of cherishing the mother-son bond and recognizing the sacrifices mothers make for their children. This newfound perspective has allowed me to deepen my connection with my mother and appreciate her presence in my life even more.

In conclusion, Swamiji’s insights on motherhood served as a moment of revelation for me, prompting a renewed understanding of the divine mother-son relationship. His words have inspired me to cherish and honor the bond I share with my mother, acknowledging her immeasurable love and sacrifices.

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The Birth of a Book

Embarking on the journey to compile the cherished memories of Swamiji’s “mothers,” this project aims to shed light on the profound significance of being recognized as a mother by the divine. The stories, experiences, and emotions shared by these individuals will be a testament to the deep impact of having a spiritual connection that transcends traditional roles of motherhood. Each narrative will serve as a tribute to the power of divine love and the unique relationship that emerges when one is addressed as a mother by Swamiji.

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4 An Invitation to Share

Inviting all the “mothers” to share their heartfelt memories, send an email encouraging them to express their love for their divine son Swamiji.

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5. Celebrating Divine Motherhood

Embracing the opportunity to capture and document the essence of motherly love and spiritual transformation through the memories shared by Swamiji’s “mothers.”

Capturing Motherly Love

Within this section, we delve into the profound experience of capturing and celebrating the unconditional love and nurturing spirit that mothers embody. Through the lens of Swamiji’s “mothers,” we witness and appreciate the deep bond between mother and child that transcends words and actions.

Spiritual Transformation

Furthermore, we explore how motherhood becomes a catalyst for spiritual transformation, as mothers navigate the challenges and joys of raising a child while also evolving on a spiritual level. The stories shared by Swamiji’s “mothers” provide insight into the transformative power of motherhood on one’s spiritual journey.

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