When Chrome Falls Ill

1. Chrome’s Illness Revealed

As the group ventures through the treacherous forests, Chrome suddenly collapses, doubling over and coughing up bright red blood. Ruri’s face pales as she recalls her own battles with illness in the past, and she mentions the similarities between Chrome’s symptoms and her own. Suika, always observant, quickly pieces together the puzzle, realizing that Chrome is suffering from pneumonia.

Senku, typically calm and composed, is visibly shaken by the revelation. His mind races as he contemplates the implications of Chrome’s illness. In a world without modern medicine, pneumonia can be a death sentence. Senku knows that time is of the essence, and that they must find a way to treat Chrome before it’s too late. The group’s future plans suddenly hang in the balance as they struggle to come up with a solution.

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2. Senku’s Panic Attack

Senku finds himself overwhelmed with anxiety, his heart racing and his breathing erratic. Gen, who happens to be nearby, notices Senku’s distress and quickly steps in to offer help. With a calming voice and gentle demeanor, Gen talks Senku through a series of breathing exercises to help him regain control.

Despite his efforts, Senku’s panic attack intensifies, causing him to collapse to the ground. Gen immediately rushes to his side, supporting Senku and ensuring that he is safe. As Senku lies there, gasping for air, Gen continues to provide words of comfort and assurance, gently rubbing his back to soothe him.

Slowly but surely, Senku’s panic begins to subside, the tension in his body easing as he focuses on Gen’s words and touch. Eventually, Senku’s breathing returns to normal, and he is able to sit up with Gen’s assistance. Grateful for Gen’s support during his moment of vulnerability, Senku expresses his heartfelt thanks for being there when he needed him the most.

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3. Gen Cares for Senku

After Senku falls ill while working on making sulfa drugs to save Chrome, Gen steps in to take care of him. Gen shows his caring side by ensuring Senku gets plenty of rest and stays hydrated. He monitors Senku’s fever closely and provides him with the necessary medications to help him recover.

Despite feeling unwell, Senku is determined to push through and continue his work. With Gen’s support and care, Senku’s health gradually improves, and he is able to focus on finding a solution to save Chrome.

Gen’s selfless actions do not go unnoticed by Senku, who appreciates his friend’s dedication and support during this challenging time. Their bond grows stronger as they work together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal of creating the sulfa drugs.

Through Gen’s care and Senku’s perseverance, they are able to successfully develop the drugs needed to save Chrome. The experience strengthens their friendship and reinforces the importance of teamwork and support in the face of adversity.

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4. Chrome’s Recovery

After Ruri updates Senku on Chrome’s condition, Senku finds it hard to sleep as he worries about his friend’s well-being. In his restless state, Gen notices Senku’s distress and tries to soothe him with reassuring words.

Eventually, Senku manages to get some rest and when he awakens, he immediately sets out to save Chrome. With a blend of his scientific knowledge and determination, Senku formulates a plan to rescue Chrome from whatever predicament he is facing. Despite the odds stacked against them, Senku is determined to not let anything stand in the way of saving his friend.

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