Werewolf Hiccup AU HTTYD2 – The First Transformation

1. Hiccup’s Sickness

One day, Stoick and Hiccup were playing together, enjoying the father-son bonding time. Suddenly, Hiccup’s face contorted in pain and he doubled over, clutching his stomach. Stoick immediately knelt down to check on him, worried about his son’s well-being.

Hiccup was pale and sweating profusely, his usually bright eyes dulled by discomfort. He weakly muttered about the unbearable stomach pain, causing Stoick’s concern to deepen. Stoick tried to comfort Hiccup, running through his mind about what could have caused this sudden sickness.

Stoick suggested they go home and get Hiccup into bed to rest. Hiccup weakly nodded, barely able to hold himself upright. The short journey home felt endless, with Stoick anxiously watching Hiccup’s every movement.

Once they were back in their home, Stoick carefully laid Hiccup down in his bed, making sure he was comfortable. Hiccup’s condition seemed to worsen, with the pain becoming more intense. Stoick decided to send for the village healer to come and examine Hiccup, hoping for answers and a solution to his son’s suffering.

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2. Stoick’s Concern

After Hiccup’s adventurous yet risky feat of riding Toothless, Stoick is greatly concerned for his son’s safety. He takes Hiccup to bed and stays by his side until he falls asleep, not wanting to leave him alone in his vulnerable state. Stoick’s worry for Hiccup’s well-being is evident as he watches over him, making sure that he is comfortable and getting the rest he needs.

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3. The Transformation Begins

Hiccup wakes up to a piercing agony coursing through his body. His bones feel like they are being twisted and reshaped, muscles expanding and contracting uncontrollably. The room spins as he lets out a guttural cry, his voice strained with the burden of the transformation taking place.

His hands contort into claws, nails elongating into sharp points. Fur sprouts from his skin, covering him like a blanket of darkness. Hiccup’s senses become heightened, the smell of the room overwhelming, the ticking of the clock deafening in his ears. His vision blurs, shapes shifting and warping before his eyes.

Amidst the pain and confusion, Hiccup is aware of a primal urge taking hold of him. The desire to hunt, to run wild under the moonlight, consumes his thoughts. He fights against the rising beast within him, struggling to retain his humanity even as it slips away.

As the transformation progresses, Hiccup feels a surge of power coursing through his veins. His muscles bulge with newfound strength, his instincts sharpening with each passing moment. He realizes with a sinking heart that there is no turning back – he is becoming the very creature he feared.

With a final howl of anguish, Hiccup completes his change into a werewolf. The room falls silent, the only sound the heavy breathing of the beast now inhabiting his body.

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4. Stoick’s Discovery

As the sound of screams pierced through the air, Stoick’s heart raced in fear. Without a second thought, he sprinted towards Hiccup’s room, his mind plagued with worry and apprehension. The urgency in his steps was palpable as he flung open the door, only to be met with a scene that he could never have prepared himself for.

Before him stood Hiccup, but not in the form Stoick was accustomed to. What appeared to be scales glistened in the dim light of the room, and wings unfurled from Hiccup’s back. It was a transformation beyond anything Stoick had ever seen or imagined. Shock and disbelief washed over him as he struggled to process the sight before him.

Stoick’s mind raced with a whirlwind of emotions. Confusion warred with concern as he tried to make sense of what he was witnessing. Fear crept up from the depths of his being, sending shivers down his spine. The sight of his beloved son altered in such a profound way was a reality he was ill-prepared to confront.

Unable to tear his gaze away, Stoick stood frozen in place, his heart heavy with worry. What had become of his son? How could this transformation have come to pass? As questions swirled in his mind, Stoick’s only certainty was that life as he knew it had been forever changed by the discovery he had made in that room.

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5. Recognition and Calm

As Hiccup transformed into his werewolf form, his senses heightened as he caught the familiar scent of Stoick. Despite being in an altered state, a sense of recognition washed over him, calming his racing heart.

Stoick, seeing Hiccup’s transformation, approached slowly, careful not to startle him. He spoke softly, with a tone full of familiarity and warmth, “Hiccup, it’s me, Stoick. You’re safe with me.”

Hiccup’s ears perked up at the sound of Stoick’s voice, and his eyes met Stoick’s, finding solace in the deep connection they shared. Despite the chaos surrounding them, the presence of Stoick brought a sense of calm to Hiccup’s turbulent emotions.

Stoick gently reached out a hand, offering reassurance through touch. Hiccup leaned into the touch, feeling the tension melt away as he allowed himself to fully recognize Stoick and feel the comforting presence of his father.

Together, in that moment of recognition and calm, Hiccup and Stoick stood united, facing whatever challenges lie ahead with a newfound strength derived from their unbreakable bond.

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