Werewolf AU: The Shinazugawa Family

1. Waiting for Genya

The Shinazugawa family anxiously waits for Genya to return from the store. As each minute passes, their worry grows deeper, and they exchange concerned glances with one another. The clock ticking on the wall seems to echo the sound of their anxious hearts beating in unison.

They had sent Genya out to buy some groceries a while ago, expecting him to be back soon. However, as the minutes turn into hours, their anxiety mounts. Mrs. Shinazugawa paces back and forth in the living room, occasionally peeking through the window to see if Genya is finally on his way back.

Mr. Shinazugawa tries to reassure his wife and younger children, but even he can’t hide the worry in his eyes. He keeps glancing at the front door, hoping to see Genya’s familiar figure walking towards the house. The silence in the room is deafening, only broken by the occasional sound of a car passing by outside.

The younger siblings keep asking when their brother will come back, their voices filled with concern. They miss Genya’s playful presence and can’t wait for him to return safely. The tension in the air is palpable, each passing second stretching the family’s nerves thinner.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the sound of the front door opening breaks the silence. Genya walks in, a sheepish smile on his face as he apologizes for taking so long. The family’s relief is palpable, and they surround him with hugs and questions, grateful to have him back safe and sound.

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2. The Bite Wound

Upon Genya’s return, the family noticed a mysterious bite wound on her arm. The sight of the injury sparked panic and concern among the household members. They bombarded Genya with questions, wanting to know how she had acquired such a wound and if she was feeling alright. Genya, however, remained tight-lipped, refusing to reveal the source of the bite.

As the family speculated and worried over the nature of the bite, tension began to fill the air. Each family member had their own theory about what could have caused the wound, from a stray animal in the woods to a sinister creature lurking in the shadows. Whispers of superstition and fear circulated throughout the home, creating an atmosphere of unease.

Despite the family’s attempts to get Genya to open up about the bite wound, she remained stubbornly silent, only offering vague responses when pressed for information. Her guarded demeanor only fueled the family’s concern, leading them to wonder what Genya was hiding and if she was in any danger.

As the mystery of the bite wound continued to unfold, the family found themselves caught in a web of uncertainty and fear. The unknown nature of the injury left them feeling vulnerable and on edge, unsure of what secrets Genya may be keeping from them.

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3. Treatment and Healing

After Genya received treatment for his wound, he began the process of healing. The medical care he received was crucial in allowing his body to repair itself. The healing process was not easy, but Genya was determined to recover fully. He followed the doctor’s instructions diligently and took the necessary medication to aid in his recovery.

During this time, Genya focused on resting and allowing his body to heal naturally. He made sure to eat healthy foods and stay hydrated to aid in the healing process. With time, Genya began to notice improvements in his condition. The wound started to heal, and the pain gradually subsided.

Despite the challenges he faced during his treatment and healing, Genya remained optimistic. He knew that with patience and perseverance, he would eventually fully recover. The support of his family and friends also played a significant role in helping him stay positive throughout the process.

As days turned into weeks, Genya’s wound continued to heal, and he regained his strength. The experience taught him the importance of taking care of his health and listening to his body. Through proper treatment and healing, Genya was able to overcome this obstacle and emerge stronger than before.

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4. A Sudden Pain

Genya suddenly feels a sharp, shooting pain in his arm, causing him to pause and wince. The pain is intense and radiates from his shoulder down to his fingertips, making it difficult for him to move his arm without feeling discomfort. This unexpected sensation raises new concerns for his health, as he has never experienced this type of pain before.

Despite trying to shake off the discomfort, Genya finds himself fixated on the source of his pain, wondering what could have triggered such a sudden and severe reaction in his body. The throbbing ache persists, pulsing through his arm and causing him to worry about the underlying cause of this unwelcome sensation.

As the pain lingers, Genya’s mind races with different possibilities: Could it be a sign of a more serious medical issue? Did he strain a muscle during his recent workout routine? Or is this simply a temporary discomfort that will fade away on its own? These questions swirl in his head, adding to his growing anxiety about his health.

Unable to ignore the throbbing ache any longer, Genya decides to seek medical advice to get to the bottom of this sudden pain. He knows that addressing his health concerns promptly is crucial, and he is determined to find out what is causing this unexpected discomfort in his arm.

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