Welcome Back Home to the USDA Family

Section 1: Welcome Message

Welcome back home to the USDA family Mika Cross, legendary Workplace Transformation Strategist, Government Workplace Expert and Army Veteran. Your family is looking forward to hearing you speak virtually for Women’s History Month!

In this section, a warm welcome is extended to Mika Cross as she returns to the USDA family. Described as a legendary Workplace Transformation Strategist, Government Workplace Expert, and Army Veteran, her presence is highly anticipated for Women’s History Month. The use of the term “family” emphasizes the sense of community and belonging within the USDA organization. It is clear that Mika Cross is held in high regard and her upcoming virtual speech holds significance for the audience.

The choice of words such as “legendary” and “expert” underscores Mika Cross’s expertise and experience in her field. Her background as an Army Veteran adds to her credibility and authority as a speaker. The mention of Women’s History Month suggests that her speech will likely touch upon important topics related to women’s contributions and achievements throughout history.

Overall, the welcome message sets a positive and enthusiastic tone for Mika Cross’s upcoming presentation. It acknowledges her accomplishments and highlights the importance of her participation in the event. The audience is primed to engage with her insights and experiences during Women’s History Month.

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Section 2: Excitement for New Tools

We all noticed you’ve brought back some tools for us to add in our toolbox such as Cultivating New Competencies, Workforce Well-Being, Post Pandemic Workforce, etc.

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Section 3: Room Unchanged, Family Grown

Your room here at USDA still looks the same however the family has grown, and we are looking forward to hearing and seeing you again.

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