Viran, The Ice Prince Returns

1. Viran’s Return

Upon his return, Viran emerges as the ice prince, his demeanor frosty and unwavering. He is accompanied by his trusted friend Daniel, who stands by his side as a loyal companion. Together, they exude an air of power and sophistication, commanding the attention of all those around them.

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2. Meeting Ray

As the group of friends gathered at the park one sunny afternoon, they were introduced to a new boy named Ray. With his easygoing demeanor and friendly smile, Ray quickly became friends with Viran. They bonded over their shared love for soccer and video games, exchanging stories and jokes as if they had known each other for years.

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3. Ray’s Dark Secret

Ray opens up to Viran about his hidden fear of the fire devil, a terrifying presence that threatens to bring chaos to his life. As he shares this burden with Viran, Ray’s vulnerability is laid bare, revealing the inner turmoil he has been struggling to keep hidden. The fire devil represents a deep-seated fear within Ray, one that has haunted him for years and now threatens to unravel everything he holds dear.

Viran listens intently as Ray recounts the chilling encounters he has had with the fire devil, each one leaving a lasting impression of terror and helplessness. Ray’s voice quivers as he describes the overwhelming sense of dread that washes over him whenever he senses the presence of the fire devil nearby. It is a fear that has consumed him, casting a shadow over his every waking moment.

Despite the fear that grips him, Ray finds solace in confiding in Viran, trusting him with his darkest secret. As he unburdens himself, Ray feels a weight lifted off his shoulders, the first step towards confronting and overcoming his fear. With Viran’s support, Ray begins to see a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness that has clouded his mind for so long.

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