Unnoticed Wounds

1. Discovery of the Injury

After a fierce battle, Lance clutches his chest in agony, feeling the searing pain of a deep wound. Despite the throbbing ache and the blood seeping through his uniform, he pushes through the pain, determined not to let his team see his weakness. With trembling hands, Lance fumbles to bandage his injury, wincing with each touch as he struggles to conceal the extent of his harm.

As Lance tries to stand tall and maintain a facade of strength, his breaths become shallow and his movements strained. The burden of his hidden injury weighs heavily on him, both physically and emotionally, as he grapples with the choice to keep his suffering to himself. He grits his teeth and pushes forward, enduring the agony in silence while carrying the weight of his secret like a heavy cloak.

Despite the overwhelming pain and the growing worry gnawing at him, Lance remains steadfast in his decision to conceal his injury. As he battles not only his physical wound but also the fear of vulnerability and the fear of disappointing his comrades, Lance faces a difficult and lonely road ahead, one that tests not only his physical endurance but also his emotional resilience.

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2. Lance’s Deteriorating Condition

As the days pass by, Lance’s condition continues to worsen. Despite his best efforts to hide his pain and sickness, it becomes more and more challenging for him to do so. The team carries on with their missions, unaware of the struggle Lance is facing.

Lance pushes through each day, trying to maintain a facade of strength and normalcy. But internally, he is battling a fierce fight against his deteriorating health. The once energetic and lively team member now finds himself struggling to keep up with the demands of their missions.

The burden of his deteriorating condition weighs heavily on Lance’s shoulders. He grapples with the fear of letting his team down and the uncertainty of what the future holds for him. Despite the challenges he faces, Lance remains determined to fulfill his duties and not show any signs of weakness.

With each passing day, Lance’s condition serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the sacrifices that come with their line of work. The team soldiers on, unaware of the silent battle their comrade is fighting. Will Lance be able to overcome his deteriorating condition, or will it ultimately take its toll on him?

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3. The Breaking Point

As the team conducted a routine check-up on a new planet, Lance’s condition took a sudden turn for the worse. Without warning, he collapsed in agonizing pain, causing Keith and Shiro to react swiftly. Rushing to his side, they were met with the distressing reality of Lance’s deteriorating health.

The team had been so focused on their mission objectives that Lance’s discomfort had gone unnoticed until this critical moment. Keith and Shiro exchanged concerned glances as they quickly assessed the severity of Lance’s injury. The once-jovial and energetic member of their team now lay incapacitated before them, his face contorted in agony.

Shiro’s training kicked in as he began to perform a preliminary assessment of Lance’s condition. Keith, visibly shaken, struggled to maintain his composure as he assisted Shiro in stabilizing their injured comrade. The gravity of the situation weighed heavily on both of them as they realized the dire implications of Lance’s sudden collapse.

Despite their advanced technology and medical knowledge, the team was faced with a harsh reality – their friend and teammate was in grave danger. The tension in the air was palpable as they worked frantically to stabilize Lance and transport him back to their spacecraft for urgent medical attention.

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4. The Team’s Reaction

Upon hearing the news of Lance’s injury, the team is taken aback and filled with sorrow. They are devastated to learn that their teammate will be faced with the challenges of recovery. However, instead of dwelling on the negative, they immediately spring into action to show their support. Each member offers words of encouragement and promises to stand by Lance every step of the way.

As Lance begins his healing process, the team rallies around him, providing emotional support and practical assistance. They ensure that he has everything he needs to recover comfortably and offer to take on any tasks that may be overwhelming for him. Whether it’s driving him to physical therapy appointments or helping with daily chores, the team is there to lend a helping hand.

More than just physical help, the team also provides a much-needed morale boost for Lance. They share stories, crack jokes, and create a positive atmosphere to keep his spirits up during this difficult time. Their unwavering support serves as a beacon of hope for Lance, reminding him that he is not alone in his journey to recovery.

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