Unexpected Jealousy

1. Late Pick-Up

Seok arrived later than expected to pick up Bora from the event venue. As a result, Bora was left waiting alone in an unfamiliar area, feeling anxious and vulnerable. She checked her phone repeatedly, hoping for a message or call from Seok explaining the delay, but there was none.

After a few minutes of waiting, a friendly stranger approached Bora and struck up a conversation to make her feel more at ease. The stranger offered to keep Bora company until Seok arrived, providing a listening ear and sharing personal anecdotes to pass the time.

Although Bora was initially wary of engaging with a stranger, she soon realized that the person meant no harm and was simply trying to be helpful during her time of distress. Their conversation helped Bora relax and forget about the stress of waiting for Seok, even if only temporarily.

When Seok finally arrived, he was apologetic and explained the reasons for his delay. Bora felt a mix of relief and annoyance, grateful to see a familiar face yet frustrated by the unnecessary worry that could have been avoided with better communication.

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2. Innocent Conversation

As Bora found herself seated next to a stranger on the bus, she struck up a conversation without a second thought. The stranger, a kind gentleman named John, reciprocated with equal enthusiasm. They discussed the weather, shared amusing anecdotes, and discovered a mutual love for travel.

Unbeknownst to Bora, her innocent chatter with John was fueling Seok’s jealousy. Seok, who harbored secret feelings for Bora, watched with a heavy heart as she laughed at John’s jokes and enjoyed his company. The realization that Bora was forming a connection with another man filled Seok with a sense of unease.

Meanwhile, Bora and John continued their pleasant conversation, oblivious to the tension brewing beside them. Their laughter and easy rapport painted a picture of two strangers finding common ground in a chance encounter.

Despite the innocent nature of their exchange, the seeds of jealousy planted in Seok’s mind threatened to bloom into something more sinister. As Bora and John’s conversation flowed effortlessly, Seok struggled to contain the growing unease within him.

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3. Apologies and Jealousy

Seok felt deep regret for his tardiness and made sure to offer multiple apologies to his friend for keeping them waiting. However, as they started driving back home, Seok’s jealousy began to resurface. His insecurities were evident in the way he started questioning his friend, almost accusingly.

Despite his genuine remorse for being late, Seok’s jealousy seemed to overshadow his initial remorse. The atmosphere in the car became tense, with Seok’s friend taken aback by the sudden shift in demeanor.

Seok’s internal struggle with jealousy and insecurity continued to manifest throughout the drive, leaving both him and his friend in an uncomfortable silence. The once light-hearted conversation from earlier in the evening was replaced by an air of tension and unease.

As they finally reached their destination, Seok’s friend attempted to address the underlying issue of jealousy, hoping to clear the air and salvage their evening together. It was evident that Seok’s jealousy was a recurring issue that needed to be addressed in order to maintain their friendship.

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