Under the Full Moon

1. The Gathering

Tanjiro, Rengoku, and their friends decide to go up into the mountains to find a perfect spot where they can witness the beauty of the full moon. They walk through the winding paths, surrounded by tall, dark trees that cast shadows in the moonlight. The night air is cool and crisp, the sound of crickets filling the silence.

As they reach a clearing near the peak, they lay down their blankets and sit in a circle, gazing up at the bright full moon above. The moon illuminates their faces, casting a soft glow on their features. Tanjiro points out different constellations in the sky, while Rengoku tells stories of his past adventures under the moonlight.

The friends share food and laughter, enjoying each other’s company in the peaceful and serene setting. They feel a sense of unity and camaraderie, bonded by their shared love for the moon and nature. The full moon shines down on them, creating a magical atmosphere that they will never forget.

Black and white photo of mountain range during sunrise

2. Rengoku’s Transformation

Rengoku finds himself struggling with the effects of the full moon as he prepares for his first transformation since waking up. The looming presence of the full moon fills him with a sense of dread and anticipation, knowing that he will soon undergo a drastic change.

As he goes about his preparations, Rengoku can feel the familiar tug of the transformation coursing through his veins. The power of the moon calls to him, demanding that he embrace the beast within. He knows that this transformation is necessary, that he must fully embrace his other side in order to protect those he cares about.

Despite his fears, Rengoku knows that he cannot deny the call of the moon. With a deep breath, he steels himself for the transformation ahead. The process will be painful and disorienting, but he knows that he must endure it in order to fulfill his duty.

As the full moon rises high in the sky, Rengoku feels the change take hold. His body contorts and shifts, his senses sharpening and his strength increasing tenfold. In this new form, he is both powerful and dangerous, a force to be reckoned with.

Rengoku’s transformation is complete, and he stands ready to face whatever challenges come his way. With a fierce determination in his eyes, he knows that he is prepared for whatever lies ahead.

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3. Tanjiro’s Pain

As the night falls, Tanjiro finds himself in excruciating pain, his body wracked with unimaginable agony. The wounds inflicted upon him by the demons are burning relentlessly, causing him to writhe in torment. The moon above shines brightly, casting an eerie glow on the suffering young man.

Despite the overwhelming pain, Tanjiro senses a strange energy coursing through his veins, a power awakening within him. With each passing moment, he feels a transformation taking place, a change that he cannot fully comprehend. The full moon overhead seems to intensify the process, its silver light fueling the metamorphosis unfolding within him.

As Tanjiro’s body undergoes this mysterious transformation, he is gripped by fear and confusion. The once familiar sensations are now alien and terrifying, pushing him to the brink of madness. In his desperation to understand what is happening to him, Tanjiro fights against the overwhelming pain and tries to make sense of the inexplicable changes he is experiencing.

Through the haze of agony and fear, Tanjiro knows that he is no longer the same person. His very essence is shifting, his humanity blending with something ancient and primal. As he struggles to come to terms with this new reality, he braces himself for what lies ahead, uncertain of what fate has in store for him.

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